• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

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It’s Work, Show Up Like a Grown Up

photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design via photopin cc
photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design via photopincc

When it comes to work, it is wonderful to show up like a grown up.

A basic reality of life is that many of us must work for a living. Some of us work for others and some of us work for ourselves. No matter which is the case, the fact remains that we must work to earn a living. When you must work for a living it is important for you to show up like a grown up.  Grown-ups are responsible, mature, and able to handle the responsibilities of work.  Look at the following differences between children at work and grown-ups at work:

Children at work

  • show up just before work starts or late
  • play around all day
  • refuse to accept any extra assignments
  • counter-productive in team tasks
  • treat work as if it is a playground

Adults at work

  • show up at workstation at least 15 minutes before start time
  • work throughout the day
  • accept extra assignments within reason
  • are a valuable part of team assignments
  • treat work as if what is being done is important

The economy is improving and in many industries, finding a job is easier today than it has been for quite a while. That does not change the fact that if you want to remain gainfully employed or want to continue operating a successful business, you must, without exception, show up like a grown up every day and actually work at work.

No matter how you feel about the work you do, the people you work with, and those for whom you do the work, you must be a grown up about it.  We all have inalienable rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. At the same time, we have a responsibility to give our best efforts in all we do. When it comes to work it is not acceptable to do a shoddy job, to do a partial job, or to do less than we agreed when we accepted the job or work assignment. Giving our best efforts is not extra, it is not unreasonable, and it is simply unacceptable to do less.

While it is true that our children and others watch how we behave at work and model their behavior based upon what they see us do.  Those are good reasons to show up like a grown up at work and do your best. But, they are not the best reasons. The best reason is that we owe it to ourselves to do our best. If you do intentionally do less than your best today, it makes it easy for you to rationalize doing less than your best tomorrow. If this behavior continues, you may find yourself slipping into and accepting mediocracy in al you do.

So, the question for you this wonderful day is what are your tips for showing up like a grown up at work?

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