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Work Makes Home Possible and That is Good!

be grateful for work

You will be happier at work once you realize that work makes your home life possible. All across the world, there are people who don’t realize this and hate going to work each day. Don’t be one of them, appreciate what your work contributes to your life at home.

Paychecks are a great way to pay for the life you want to live. 

If you need a reason to appreciate work, how about the fact that work makes itfor you to live the life you want.  When you think about work that way, you have a whole new kind of appreciation.  When you go to work and earn a paycheck, that money fuels the life you live outside of work.  This means that work is not something that interferes with your life. Instead, it is something that makes your life possible.

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Sometimes one job will be sufficient to fund the life you want to live. Other times two jobs may be needed to fund that life.  When I was an undergrad college student, paying my way through college, it took a full-time job and a part-time job to live the life I wanted to live – my own apartment, college tuition and minimal savings. I was happy to be able to work the two jobs. Later when I was able to work just one job and was no longer a student, life seemed like a vacation by comparison.  But, none of that changes the fact that work made my life possible.

Get a good attitude about work because it will make you feel glad to go to work each day. 

The work you do to earn a living should not be thought of as something that interferes with life, but as a part of life. When I was a child there was a television show called, “The Facts of Life.” The following are some of the lyrics from the show’s theme song:

You take the good

You take the bad

You take them both

And then you have

The facts of life. . . the facts of life . . .

An attitude to that is a good way to look at work life and home life. There are good parts to work and bad parts to work. It is our work that provides the income we need for basics like food, clothing and shelter. Our work also provides the income we need for special things like hobbies, vacations and gifts for those we love.

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Work is not a nuisance a or a bother,  it is one of the things that makes it possible for you to live the life you want to live.  So, with that in what do you appreciate that your work makes possible in your life? 

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