• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

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Work-Life Balance with Photos on Your Desk

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photo credit: Andy Woo via photopin cc
It is fantastic to achieve work-life balance home and work with photographs on your desk at work.
When you travel across America one thing will be common in work areas from the lowliest to the most exalted. That thing is that there will be personal photos in the work area. In some places, you will see cute pets, crazy pets, sleepy pets, pets in crazy costumes, a lot of pets. Other work areas will have the cute kids doing all kinds of cute kid things. As a mother, I really enjoy seeing the pictures of the kids all dressed up and being cute. I have seen wedding photos, vacation photos, kids drawing photos. There are even photos of entire families at Christmas, on vacation, and in the backyard playing games.
 For most people, the reason for the personal photos is to bring a little bit of home to the workplace. It gives the reason for the work. You go to work in order to provide for a family, to be a better you for your family or for a myriad of things. Most people think of work as important, but not their “real” life. As a result, people like to have a symbol of their “real” lives and thus outcome the photos.

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