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Women’s History Month – Ntozake Shange – for colored girls . . .

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Throughout the month of March, people all across the United  States celebrate  Women’s History Month. At Janeane’s World we are joining the celebration. Today I am sharing s snippetof Ntozake Shange’sfamous choreoplay “for colored girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf.”

for colored  girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf – Ntozake Shange

one thing I don’t need
is any more apologies
i got sorry greetin me at my front door
you can keep yrs
i don’t know what to do wit em
they don’t open doors
or bring the sun back
they don’t make me happy
or get a mornin paper
didn’t nobody stop usin my tears to wash cars
cuz a sorry.

I first heard read the entire  choreoplay when I was a young girl. What struck me most was the name of the piece. I wondered then and  I wonder now, why the colored girls considered suicide since the rainbow  was  enough. It didn’t   make sense to me .  Today  looking at the passage above, I can clearly identify with the woman who is tired of apologies and excuses.

When you stop and look  at it, after a certain  point,  what  good are all the apologies? If a person  has apologized over and over but  keeps doing the same thing, the apologies start   to be irritating. The apologies alone don’t   get anything done . Repeated apologies  for the same thing without a change in action or attitude serve only to upset us.

With all this in mind, look at your life. Is there something you are apologizing  for repeatedly? If so, take time now to objectively view the situation. The reality is that you either  are not truly sorry for what you are doing or you don’t  care enough to modify your behavior. So, either  change  your behavior or stop apologizing.