• Mon. Nov 27th, 2023

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A Whole Person Approach to Healthy Living

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It is magnificent to find a new way to look at living healthy.

At the beginning of each year, people all across America make resolutions to live better and to live healthier. At predictable times throughout the year, those resolutions get renewed. At the start of a new school year, the beginning of the end of year holiday season, the start of spring, and the start of summer. As part of that healthy living, most people look at things that will improve their physical appearances such as a new diet or a new exercise plan. Gym memberships increase, enrollment at Weight Watchers goes up and Jenny Craig’s phone lines go crazy.

While it is important to get the physical part of ourselves in order. It is also important to get the rest of ourselves in order. We are more than just what we look like. We are more than what we eat or decide not to eat. We are all multi-faceted beings. There are more parts to us than just the physical. We are also:

  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual
  • psychological
  • sexual


These parts are just as important as our physical parts. Whole and healthy human beings have all of these parts. So often we ignore all these parts of ourselves and concentrate on just one or maybe two of the areas.  As human beings, we need to take a new look at being healthy and work on being healthy in all parts of our lives. We all know people who are out of balance mentally or emotionally or sexually.

When any area of our lives is out of balance and we do not take the necessary steps to get back into balance there are serious problems. Think about it, what good is it to have washboard abs and buns of steel if you are mentally unstable, suffering from depression or spiritually in need of renewal.

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Go ahead, make plans to get in shape, prepare to run that marathon. At the same time, take steps to make sure you are mentally fit. Check out your emotions. Make sure you are handling life’s ups and downs in a balanced and rational matter, do not let depression overtake you. No matter what your religious beliefs look at your spiritual life and make sure it is where it should be. If there are behavioral issues you need to address and you cannot do it on your own, get a professional to help get your psychological side in order. Be sexually appropriate and maintain your sexual health. Life is what you make it, so make your entire life healthy, whole and strong.

So the question for you this magnificent day is, are you living healthy in all areas of your life?