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While Waiting in Line Read a Book

African American woman kicking her leg up and the words "When Balancing Home and Work Kick it Up a Notch"
If you want to do something great, while waiting in line, read a book. It will make the wait less onerous. 

While waiting in line read a book, it is sensational.

For me, a fun thing to do while standing in line is to read a book. Everyone stands in line for something at one time or another. We go to the market, bank, car wash, clothing store all kinds of places. I have seen people do all kinds of things while standing in line:
  • paint fingernails
  • argue with kids
  • comb hair
  • pay bills
  • talk on the cell phone
All of those things have their place in life. I understand why people would do them while standing in line. After all, if you are in a stationary place for an extended period of time., you have to do something while you wait. Most people can’t just stand and do nothing, the boredom would drive them insane, so, they look for something to do. For me, that something is reading a book.
In the old days of my youth, I always carried a paperback with me. I read hardback books of course, but they are heavy to carry. Just like there is always room for jello, in my mind, there is always room for a book. Today, I don’t carry physical books anymore. I carry my Kindle e-reader. I like having 3,000 books in my purse with the ability to instantly get more.
So, when I am in line at the market, I pull out my e-reader and pick up where I left off. I read all kinds of things waiting in line:
  • the Bible
  • novels with no redeeming value
  • books on HTML code
  • professional development books
  • self-help books
  • foreign language learning series
  • classic literature
  • mysteries
In other words, if you walk up to me while I am in line at the market waiting to pay for my groceries, there is no telling what you will find me reading. But, one thing for sure, you will find me reading.  It is sensational to read a good book while standing in line. So, the question for you this sensational day is, what book are you going to read the next time you are standing in line?