• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Want to Improve Morale? Try Compliment Day




Compliments are calorie-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. This means you can give them out and spread them like sunshine. Compliments are good for you, those around you and the world at large. Make it your mission to spread some cheer and compliments each day.

Compliments are a treasure, spread them and make those around you richer!

If you ever been walking down the street and out of nowhere someone said, “Wow, you look great today!” and wanted nothing in return, you know the value of a true compliment. When someone gives you a compliment, takes the time to say something good about you, it makes you feel good. A good, true and sincere compliment makes you stand a little taller, smile a little brighter and feel a little nicer almost instantly. Once you have experienced the great feeling of a compliment you know its power and should want to share it with others.

Last June, I did an experiment with a networking group to which I belong. Each day during the month of June, one woman was picked and showered with compliments from all the other members of the group. No one knew who the next person on the list would be. This means that each woman was surprised to learn when her day was by being tagged on social media with a barrage of compliments throughout the day. The experience was a wonderful success. Every woman smiled both on her special day and when she shared compliments with other members of the group. Some members of the group even printed out the compliments and turned them into collages they printed and hung on the walls in their office areas.

In my family, we started compliment day. One day per week is dedicated to giving one member of the family compliments and treating that person nicely. It has been a wonderful thing for the family. It has been good for the children to grow up knowing that at least one day per week, everyone at home will be nice to them from the time they get up until the time they go to bed at night. It means that person goes to work or school already feeling good about her/himself. It means that no matter what the day brings, it started off with a smile.

Compliments are a treasure. They are more precious than rubies, diamonds and platinum. Fortunately, they are not as costly, nor are they as rare. Take time today to do an experiment. Spread around compliments. Just compliment those around you and expect nothing in return. If you are going to be outside, compliment strangers as you pas them. Drop the compliments and then move on. If you are at work, compliment each co-worker as you pass during your work day. If you are spending the day at home, compliment your spouse and children. As you spread the compliments around pay attention to what happens. Do those around you seem happier? Are there more smiles in the vicinity? Do people seem to be nicer to you where ever you go? More likely than not, the answer to all these questions will be a resounding yes! At the same time, how do you feel at the end of the day? Do you feel better after spending the day spreading compliments and smiles? Did you enjoy the day just a little more? More likely than not, the answer to all these questions will be a resounding yes!

Misery loves company, but so do happy people.

Almost everyone has heard the expression, “misery loves company.” I often say that misery loves company, but no one wants to be that company. At the same time, happy people also love company and everyone wants to be around happy people. When you spread compliments around you make the world around you a better place. So, even if you are a selfish person who cares nothing about anyone else in the world, you must be nice to others, you must spread compliments around so that the people around you feel better and act better. When the people around you feel better and act better, it makes your world a better place.


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