• Mon. Nov 27th, 2023

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Want to Have Fun – Create A Family Game



You can find serenity in learning that it can be really fun to create a family game


The great thing about a family game is that you do not have to create something with mass appeal. The only people who need to like the game are your family members.  It also doesn’t have to be fancy. The game doesn’t even have to be creative or innovative. For example, if your family likes Monopoly.  Get out your Monopoly board and some small post-it pads. Change the names of the squares to names of places in your neighborhood, places your family has gone on vacation or things you want to do. Do that changes by writing the new names on post-it paper and sticking it on the original board. This way when your family plays the game you are playing with memories and dream. The game becomes real, personal and a place to relive or create some great memories.

If your family is artistic or creative you can design your own games from scratch and keep those new games in the family game night rotation. It is also fun to adapt existing games with house rules. At our house for example we have:


  • Used Uno cards to play poker
  • Played Little Alchemy tag-team style
  • Used magazines for Pictionary
  • Played checkers with chess pieces
  • Pretended to go Hunger Games for the remote


All of these things may sound completely silly and ridiculous to you and your family. That is okay. Our family has the best times, and the most laughs playing these games and dozens of other silly games. The important thing is that we relax, laugh and have peaceful evenings doing these things.

The conversations can and do take place during family game night  over soft drinks and soft pretzels. While we play games we talk about life. We teach our children what we expect of them from them and how they should conduct themselves. While playing games the children are at ease and don’t realize how much we have taught them over a card game, chess board or hula hoop. We learned that all of life’s lessons don’t have to be done in a serious stressed out manner.

Sit back now and think about how much fun it is to play games, be silly and just enjoy your spouse and kids. How much more fun would it be if you made up your own games or changed the rules of the games you already enjoy to suit yourselves. Talk with your family now, this very day and either create a game or adapt a game to play on family game night at your house this week.


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 In conclusion, you can find serenity in learning that it can be really fun to create a family game. So, the question for you this serene day is, what new thing can you try for family fun?