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Use Technology in Ways That Matter- Evernote

Technology doesn't have to be a prison.  Think of it as a tool, like a hammer.

It is terrific find a way to use technology  in a way that makes a difference in your life. Today, most people have more computing power in their back pockets than was once available in an entire room. For some people the technology is a boon. To others, it is a prison. If you would like your technology to be something you use to make your life better, check out programs like Evernote.

Like most programs, Evernote offers a free plan and a subscription-based plan. Evernote is a word processor with database functions. It is a program that enables you to write,  collect, present, and information in wonderful ways. One of bye best things about Evernote is that it works on your tablet, phone, and computer. This means that instead of being chained to your desk, you and your information can hit the road.

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Do you have a board at your office covered with post-it notes? Would life be easier if you had access to those notes at home or some other location? Evernote can help. Do you use a lot of photos that you must organize, manipulate or collate? Evernote can help with that. Do you do a great deal of writing or Internet research you need to access in more than one location or on more than one device?   Evernote can help with that.

In my work as a consultant and writer, there is a great deal of information I need to be able to access, manipulate and store at any given time. For more than four years now, I have been using Evernote to take control of my life. I use Evernote to:

  • Prepare proposals
  • Draft documents
  • Write blog articles
  • Keep track of school report information for mt children
  • Make and maintain grocery lists
  • Store research materials
  • Catalogue photographs for future use
  • Share documents with colleagues

Evernote is my go to program on all my devices because of its ease of use, versatility and  portability.  The best thing about Evernote   is that it puts me in control of my information, productivity and workflow.

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Look at your life personally and professionally. If you use your phone, tablet or computer in any of the ways I do try Evernote or a program like it for yourself. Make a move to control your technology and have it work for you rather than you being a prisoner of  your work and technology.

It is terrific find a way to use technology  in a way that makes a difference  in your life. So, the question for you this terrific day is, who is in control, you or your technology?

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  1. I really like Evernote as well. I just need to take the time to organize my Notebooks better.

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