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It is Time to Spring – Take Action Now

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It is great to think about spring cleaning and take action now when it comes to getting things done in your business. One of the things that you should clear away is procrastination.



Over the years I have written hundreds of articles telling people that they should take action now and get things done. It is one of my favorite things to tell people. After all, if there is something that you need to do, the time to get up and get it done is now. I feel so strongly that people should take action now and get things done that I wrote a book about it!


If you want to get concrete ideas and tactics on how you can take action now, check out my book “Take Action Now and Get Things Done.”  You can read it on your favorite e-Reader or in paperback. Buying the book can be the first step in your new habit of taking action now and getting things done. You can kick procrastination’s butt!


In the meantime, check out some of my favorite articles that encourage you to take action now even if you are afraid.



Spring Into Action in the Face of Fear



There are several wonderful things that happen when you find the courage to look past fear and take action now. A few of these things are:

  • achievement of the desired results
  • success
  • satisfaction


It feels good to take action when you should and move towards getting the results you want. There is something good and wonderful about working towards a goal and achieving your desired results. Success is habit-forming. Once a person has success in one area, the feeling of satisfaction that is obtained is so pleasant that one wants to feel it again and again. Therefore, it is good to find courage in the face of fear and take action now. The problem is that some people do not know how to find the courage to take action in the face of fear. . . .


In the first episode of the television show Lost one of the characters told another that he found the strength to battle his fear by allowing panic and fear to run wild for five seconds, five seconds only and then he went into action doing what needed to be done. I have used that tactic on several occasions with success. The first time I used it was before the television show aired. But once it did air, I always used that story as an example of a way to handle fear. For example, when I defended a client charged with murder for the first time, when the jury walked in to start the day I was scared to death. As I sat in my chair I acknowledged that I was scared, nervous and afraid. I admitted it to myself and thought about it for five to ten seconds. Then I shook my head, pushed the fear aside and got down to business. I was later able to enjoy the success and satisfaction of my client being found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

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spring into action and take action now

Make an Action List – Spring into Improving Your Business


If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, it is important to avoid complacency and to always be on the look out for things to improve in your business. It may not be possible to remember every item that needs to be improved or ideas on how to make the improvements. That is why it is important to have the list in writing. It can be stored electronically or via the proven and true pen and paper method. This is another area where the method of putting the information together is not important. What is important is that the list gets created, maintained and at some point, acted upon. So, the question for you this thrilling day is what are you going to put on your business improvement action list?

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