• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

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The Birth of My Children – The Blessing of Good Medical Care

It is terrific to be a mother! I am a member of a wonderful organization known as the Global Team of 200. It is part of Mom Bloggers for Social Good. In order to highlight Save the Children’s annual report, State of the World’s Mothers. We have joined forces to share our birth stories. Save the Children has put together a very informative report  on Surviving the First Day. It is interesting to note that the United States of America is not the best place in the world when it comes to children surviving the first day. In fact, the United States ranks 30th in the world. It would be good for you to check out the entire report for yourself.

I am the mother of four wonderful children. The Simmie is 25, my son is 18, and the twins are 14 years old. Each of them was a miracle birth and a reason to celebrate excellent medical care. When I was delivering the teenie bopper by the normal delivery channels she was sliding out, then went back in and stayed inside for a while. Things got a little scary because the doctors were concerned she was not getting sufficient oxygen. When my son was born he was big and had the big head he inherited from my husband (okay and from me). The doctors told my husband and I that we could do the normal birth routine with him, but we should know that his head may get stuck in which case they would have to put him back and do a cesarean  section as an emergency alternative. We chose to do the cesarean to start. With my twins my uterus was stretched beyond capacity and barely hold the two full size babies who were 38 weeks old at time of delivery. There were complication, lots of complications, all for me, none for the girls and I was able to live thanks to a lot of medical intervention. At the end of the day, I have four amazing, wonderful and most of all, healthy children.


I am blessed because I live in a country and an area of that country where good medical care can be taken for granted. When I went into the hospital to give birth to my children I never worried about labor and delivery. I was never concerned with the actual birth process. I knew that I was going where good doctors were  located and that everything would be fine. As it turns out, my faith in the medical professionals was justified. My children were all healthy, happy and strong. I survived the births of my four children in large part due to the presence of quality care.

Unfortunately, there are mothers in a large portion of the world including places in the United States that do not have guaranteed access to good medical care. In some places a mother who is giving birth is just as likely to die as to live if there are complications during childbirth. In other places, children who are born under complicated circumstances my be suffer permanent damage or not survive the experience at all. This Mother’s Day, I am grateful to be a mom. I recognize that I am blessed to  have given birth to four children who survived serious circumstances and lived to be wonderful, beautiful, amazing children. If I could give a gift to the world, it would be that mothers all over the world are blessed to have healthy, safe and protected births for their children.