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We train individuals and teams to work with confidence and competence. Call: 484 381 0532. Email: janeanedavis@janeanesworld.com.

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Team Training – We train your teams to work with confidence and competence. Confident teams get better results. Let our training team help you get your team where you want them to be.

We have trained teams across the United States to operate with confidence and competence. It is important to recognize that teams in Des Moines, Iowa have a different culture than teams in Brooklyn, New York, and those teams work differently than teams in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have worked with teams in these locations and many others throughout the United States. Let’s talk about how we can help your team.

Our consulting rate starts at a very reasonable $75 per hour. We start the consultation with a complimentary 15 minute question and answer session. That session gives us the initial information we need to start putting together programs and resources that will help us help your team.

Contact us via phone at 484 381 0532 or via email at janeanedavis@jamesdavisandassociates.com . We look forward to working with you.