• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Taking Back Control of Your Life So You Can Win

taking back control

Taking back control of your life is scary, but if you have lost your way it is important and you must do it. Take action now because you should be the conductor when it comes to your life. Even if you have give up control,you can get it back.

Maps were made to help people who are lost find their way.

It is not uncommon for people to go through life with a dream and a plan. The plan is the road map for reaching the dream. Sometimes along the way, people get off track and instead of the dream being straight ahead, it is off to the side, around the corner and out of sight. When that happens, people get discouraged and their dreams die. This doesn’t have to be the case. Even if your plans have gone to crap and you have lost your way, today can be the day you start taking back control of your life and your dreams.

Five things to do if you have lost your way:

  • Acknowledge that you have gotten off track
  • Give yourself a break
  • Declare where you want to be
  • Make a SMART plan to get back on track
  • Take Action Now to work your SMART plan
  • Acknowledge that you have gotten off track

Acknowledge that you have gotten off track

One of the first things people are told when they join support and recovery programs like AA is that they must admit there is a problem. If you have stopped following your dream and walking in your purpose, acknowledge it. State out loud, to yourself, that things have gotten off track. Admit that you are not on the path you planned. Don’t make up excuses. Don’t try to figure out reasons. Simply acknowledge that you are off track and that things are not going as you originally planned.

Give yourself a break

The next thing you need to do is give yourself a break. Do not punish yourself for getting off track. Do not berate yourself. Show yourself good friendship. This means that while you have made mistakes, done some things wrong, lost focus or been pushed off track you are a person worthy of another chance. Instead of beating yourself up either literally or figuratively, just give yourself a break. Accept the fact that you are worthy of another chance and that your life is not over. Indeed, you can start from where you are and become what you want to be.

Declare where you want to be

After following the two steps above, take action now to declare where you want to be. This is an important step. The place you originally wanted to be, the path you originally wanted to take may no longer be viable. There are millions of reasons why this may be the case. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you must decide what you want to do, where you want to be. You must decide what you want the next chapter in your life to be. Once you make that decision, declare it in a loud and proud voice. You don’t have to declare it to the world. For this exercise, the world is not important. The important thing is for you to acknowledge it to yourself. Declare who you are and where you want to be.

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