• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

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Take Action Now Because Movement is Life

Take Action Now and get things done because movement is life.Take Action Now and get things done because movement is life. Almost every person alive had heard at least one reference from the book of Ecclesiastes that there is a time and place, a season for everything under the sun.


That idea was good and appropriate over 2,000 years ago when it was first penned and it is still a good idea today. The idea is that there is a point in time at which we must move. We must move because movement is how things like ideas, plans, and goals live.


Movement is life, so move to make things happen personally and professionally.


When it comes to taking action, there are a few different kinds of people. There are some people who like to plan. They have all manner of planning journals, notecards, sticky notes, pens,  and apps for planning purposes. There are other people who are persons of action with no planning. These people do not plan, instead, they are fly by the seat of their pants, and do it on the spur of the moment people. Then there are other people who are smart at planning then acting on the plans people. This last group of people is a joy to watch because they make plans, follow up with smart actions, and get things done.


In the movie “World War Z,” the main character tried to convince a family to travel with him rather than sitting and hiding out until things got better. He told them, “Movement is life.”  Spoiler alert, the family that failed to move failed to survive. The main character who moved and his family survived. Take a moment now to look back over the course of your personal and professional life.

How many times has a dream died or a plan faltered because you did not take action now, but decided to wait for “someday?”  Even more heartbreaking, have you ever had an idea that died because you failed to take action now and then saw someone else achieve that dream or goal you only talked about? Those who put movement behind their plans, goals, and dreams are more likely to see those things become reality.

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There are people all over the world who dreamed of great things and marvelous inventions years before they came to market. The world abounds with stories about who really invented the phone, the internet, the automobile, and a million other things. Often the person telling the story ends the narrative with some version of, “I thought of that first, but I didn’t move on the idea because . . .  .” Failing to move can cost you dollars and opportunities. Movement is life.

Movement is how you go from dreaming about it to living it. It is a great and wonderful thing to dream impossible dreams and to plan to reach the stars. Sometimes our dreams are what makes life worth living. If we want to go beyond just living and to thrive, we need more. We need to move. Movement is life for dreams and plans.

There is no “Someday” on the calendar, today is the time to take action now.


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Everyone knows that milk has an expiration date. What many people do not realize is that dreams, plans, and smart goals also have a shelf life.  Let’s start with an easy example to illustrate the point. What if you wake up on a snowy winter day and decide to have a snowball fight with your children as a way of enjoying the three feet of snow in your backyard?  If you do nothing after making that decision, days will pass, the snow will melt and you will soon be complaining about the sweltering summer heat. If you do not take action now, often the time to act and the opportunity will pass you by. Movement is life and helps us enjoy life.


Take Action Now Because Movement is Life



When you take action now, you are more likely to do the right thing at the right time. Today is a great day to start planning for actual days instead of pretending days like Oneday and Someday. It is good to make grand plans for the future. It is something we should all do. We need to plan for actual days so that we have a push for movement. When you do, don’t say  “one day I am going to retire and live in Kenya.” Instead say, “In April of 2025 I am going to retire and live in Kenya.” The first statement is a dream, perhaps a fantasy that no one expects to actually happen. The second statement sounds like the beginning of a smart plan that could actually happen.  The second statement is something that could actually take place.



Movement is life. So, the question for you on this magnificent day is, what are you going to add movement and life to in your world?



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