• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

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Stop Procrastination – Finish What You Start

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It is terrific to know you can beat procrastination if you finish what you start.


Procrastination is that thing that causes us to put off until some future date the things we should be doing today. Procrastination hurts productivity, profitability, and self-esteem. One way to kick procrastination in the butt is to finish what you start. Instead of starting and stopping many jobs during the day, pick a job, start it and stick with it until it is done.

For most people, the to-do list is long and ever-growing. Sometimes it seems as if nothing ever leaves the list because so much time is spent adding things to the list. In order to control procrastination, one must not be afraid of one’s to-do list. When a person is controlled by her to do list she starts one thing, then sees another important task, so drops the first and goes back to the second then another fire comes out that needs attention. That first task is still sitting there undone, half done and is now a mess. So, she procrastinates and starts the cycle again with another task. At the end of the day, she looks back at her to do list and sees a bunch of half done tasks that she can not stand to see.
What if instead, she looked at her to do list, picked a task and worked on it until it was complete. Instead of interrupting herself to handle some new item on the list she completed the first task and then addressed the new important task on the to-do list. At the end of the day, that first list would be done, completely done. The new important task that arose would be done. In short, she would be able to look back at the to-do list with pride of completion. Instead of being controlled by her to do list or allowing procrastination to keep her from moving, she would be the master of the to-do list and ended the day with a feeling of success.
It is important to develop good habits, to have practices that lead to good results. If you start working on an item in your to-do list and keep at that item until it is done, you can transfer that behavior over to other areas of your life. Complete the laundry before working on the dishes. Complete one chore before moving to the next. This habit will help you be organized, procrastinate less and feel good about yourself and what you do accomplish. Always remember as you start each task on your to-do list, do not procrastinate, keep your mind on your mission and your mission on your mind.
In conclusion, it is terrific to know you can beat procrastination if you finish what you start. So, the question for you this terrific day is, do you have what it takes to finish what you start?


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