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The Northeast Snow Storm and 3 Lessons for Entrepreneuers


Snow storm and 3 lessons for entrepreneurs


The snowstorm in the northeast section of the United States has three lessons for entrepreneurs.



Smart entrepreneurs know they should ABL – Always Be Learning. Those special entrepreneurs can look at the major storm that just blanketed the coastal northeast section of the United States and Learn three lessons. These lessons are:


  1. Pay attention to current events in the news
  2. Prepare in advance
  3. Don’t let problems fester


Pay attention to current events in the news.


The major snowstorm that touched down in the coastal northeast area of the county today has been featured in news reports for the past several days.  It did not sneak up on anyone.  There was no need for widespread runs to the grocery store the night before the storm.  It is important for entrepreneurs to pay attention to things that are going on in the world around them. Smart entrepreneurs pay attention to current events in the news and are better able to serve clients and make better business decisions.


Prepare in advance.


The day before a big snowstorm is predicted, supermarkets and hardware stores are overrun with customers trying to get necessary provisions. Bread, milk, eggs, salt, shovels, and other tools are in great demand. Everyone wants to get the supplies they need if they are going to be stuck in the house for an extended period of time.  Similarly, entrepreneurs need to prepare in advance. Take inventory of supplies and equipment in the office. Make sure that you have the pens, paper, computers, stamps, and all other office supplies you need to get work done each day. I have been to a Louis Linguine restaurant that had no linguine. I have been to a McDonald’s that had no fries. I have been to a Pizza Hut with no pizza. There is no excuse for any of these situations. If the entrepreneurs had been preparing for customer demand in advance these things never would have happened. Smart entrepreneurs are careful and prepare for war in the time of peace.


Don’t let problems fester.


There are a few methods of getting rid of snow. Some people go out several times during the snow storm and get rid of the snow in small easy to manage batches.  Others wait until the snow has completely fallen and then get rid of the entire storm at once. Entrepreneurs must take care to pay attention to problems that exist and that are developing. When problems are solved early and when they are small, it is easier to solve them. On the other hand, if one waits until the problems are large and have started to fester, things are much harder to manage. Problems that are have been allowed to fester cost more in terms of money, time, and energy to solve. Smart entrepreneurs solve problems as early as possible and do not allow them to fester.


So, take time today to be thrilled with the knowledge that the snowstorm is more than just an inconvenience, it is also a source of three lessons for entrepreneurs.

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