• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

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Naysayers -Tell Them To Shut Up

Tell the naysayers in your life to shut up and then keep following your dreams!


It is terrific to realize that you can control the naysayers in your life by telling them to shut up! In all my roles including wife, mother, advisor ad writer I am always a cheerleader. Anyone who has a dream can always count on me to push them toward their dreams and to believe they can reach the stars. It costs me nothing to believe in the power of another person’s dreams. In fact, I gain when I believe in someone else’s dreams and help them achieve. The person who gets the benefit of my pushing and cheerleading gains support and an accountability partner. It is an easy win-win for us both.

Yesterday I had conversations with three different friends who were all wonderful women, smart, talented, educated, attractive and just awesome in so many ways. But they were overcome by the voice of naysayers and were not reaching their full potential. There is a popular saying that “game recognizes game.” It means that people who are a certain way recognize others that are that way. I know what it is like to be hurt, crippled and diminished by naysayers because I have experienced that in my life. I have friends (former friends) and family members tell me I would never accomplish my dreams, never have a happy life and never be what I wanted to be.


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When I was young, I listened to those people and worked hard to prove them wrong, to succeed despite the naysaying and mean wishes. As I grew older, I learned to ignore the naysayers. I learned that when people try to rain on my parade, I move my parade. In other words, when I encounter naysayers I literally tell them to shut up and stay out of my dreams and my business. I put people out of my life who make me feel bad about myself. There are friends and family members who use to be in my life who are now dead to me. I don’t miss the loss and I do not feel bad about it. My life is better and richer when I don’t have to worry that those who are supposed to care are going to hurt me.

Look at your life. Divide those you interact with into two groups: naysayers and others. When the naysayers start trying to put salt in the game aka crush your dreams and spirit tell them “shut up.” Do not worry about being rude. After all, those people don’t mind being rude and trying to destroy you! Tell the naysayers to keep your name and dreams out of their mouths. If they cannot shut up and cannot keep their poison to themselves, put them out of your life. It may be hard to do and it may be painful at first, but do it! Take it from me, you will be better for it!



It is terrific to realize that you can control the naysayers in your life by telling them to shut up! So, the question for you this terrific day is, when are you going to stop listening to the naysayers and start listening to yourself?