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Martin Luther King Day and Service Starts at Home


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It is fantastic to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. by celebrating the service your children do for the family. In January of each year, attention turns to thoughts of Martin Luther King Jr and community service. Conversations take place in real life and in cyberspace about the importance of being of service to others. Mothers happily share stories of the wonderful service projects their children create or complete.

This year, we are teaching my children the importance of service by explaining that service should be a way of life. We want our children to realize that service should be something they do every day and not something they do just for special occasions or because it is a certain time of year.  We have been stressing this idea specifically with our twelve-year-old son.

Once upon a time, Peyton talked about wanting to be paid for each nice thing he did in the family. Over time, as we have talked to him about community, family and shared visions, his thinking has changed. Now Peyton understands that he has responsibilities as a member of our family to work towards making our little community, our home a better place for us all.

It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen after just one or two conversations. Instead, it took place gradually as a result of conversations, lessons taught while watching movies and praises for things well done. My son, my  Golden One has become a young man I am proud to call my own.

As a service to our family he does the following:

  • holds his sisters’ hands when we walk to the library for homework each afternoon
  • takes out the trash each evening
  • pushes the shopping cart home from the market
  • let’s his little sisters pick first on family movie night
  • shows genuine concern for the feelings and dreams of his family members
  • checks on his sister who is away at college


Now all these things may not sound much to a person whose service project is building a school in Haiti or who works at a soup kitchen once a year. But in our family, in our world, the service that my son provides is a treasure beyond measure. Because service is a lifestyle for him, not a project he will be a good man. He will be a good husband to his wife and a good father to his children.  Those our things our family can celebrate all year-long.


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It is fantastic to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King by celebrating the service your children do for the family. So, the question for you this fantastic day is how do your family members serve one another?


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