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Make Business Better With New Sales Techniques and the Scientific Method



Look at your business and learn some new sales techniques that help kick profitability up a notch. It is a reality of life that business runs in cycles and business practices move in and out of style. Once upon a time telegrams, overnight paper deliveries, and faxes were state of the art ways to communicate with the word. Those things have gone the way of the dodo bird and have been replaced with email, text messaging, and snap chats. No matter how comfortable you are with your current sales techniques, you must always pay attention to see what new technology is on the horizon and what tools can make it easier for you to sell your products or services. No matter what your business is you are selling and you have customers:

  • libraries sell to patrons
  • educators sell to students
  • bloggers sell to readers
  • hospitals sell to patients


Just as we change the way we do business over time due to changes in technology, we must change how we sell to customers. In order to reach customers, you must reach them where they are and how they like to be reached. Pay attention to trends in the marketplace. Study changes in the industry. Look at what your competitors are doing to reach customers. If any of these sources are successful, find ways to add them to your sales strategy. One of the most important lessons an entrepreneur can learn is that she does not have to reinvent the wheel, instead, she can get in a car take her business where she wants it to go.

When thinking of ways to sell your products be sure you are using methods geared toward your industry. In the example above for example, libraries and hospitals would use different sales techniques. Additionally, don’t be afraid to experiment. Use the scientific method:

  • question
  • research
  • hypothesis
  • experiment
  • analyze
  • conclude


For example, using the scientific method might look as follows:

  • question – how can I reach customers who want to buy what I have to sell
  • research – read articles on blogs, in newspapers, talk with others in your industry
  • hypothesize – pick one method to try
  • experiment – try the method you selected
  • analyze – see how the method works, does it help you get the sales target you established for yourself
  • conclude – do you want to continue with this method or try another



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It is thrilling to look at your business and learn some new sales techniques that help kick profitability up a notch. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, what are you going to do to kick things up and make more money with your business?


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