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Looking for a Job – Show Some Kindness

When you are looking for a job, no matter what else you do, take the time to show kindness to others.

When you are looking for a job, no matter what else you do, take the time to show kindness to others. Sometimes looking for a job is hard, stressful work. While you are working at looking for work, keep in mind that while misery may love company, no one wants to be that company!

Kindness is like a golden ticket.

It doesn’t matter if you are a typical 9 to 5 employee, a freelancer or an entrepreneur you have to be strong when you are looking for work. Looking for work means you will encounter rejection, stress, and possibly, humiliation. But, you must push forward and you must look for work. At the same time, you must be kind. Kindness is typically described as being friendly, generous, considerate, warm and concerned.

Think about things objectively, if you had a choice of hiring a person who was friendly, generous and considerate or a person who was cranky, selfish, and rude, which person would you hire? Most people would hire the first person. People who come across as kind are pleasant to be around. People who are pleasant to be around will usually be better team members. Kind people have compassion and want others to do well. A person who is kind understands that her success is not dependent upon the failure of others. Kind people will look for solutions to problems. These people will be respectful to their co-workers, superiors, and customers. When it comes to things to be desired in a work partner, kindness is one of the things at the top of the list.


When you are looking for a job, no matter what else you do, take the time to be kind.


Kindness is not a weakness.

If you are interviewing for a job, work, or a business opportunity, be kind. Do not let those you are meeting with think of kindness as a weakness. It is your job and responsibility as a kind person to let those you are speaking with know that kindness is a strength. Kindness is a strength for several reasons. These reasons include:

  • people want to be around kindness
  • everyone feels better when they experience kindness
  • kindness brings in customers
  • employees stay around longer when there is kindness
  • kindness can be contagious


People want to be around kindness.

Almost everyone has heard the expression, “misery loves company.” However, no one wants to be that company. People want to be around people who make them feel good about themselves and the world at large. While kindness is not the same as charisma, kindness does draw people to you like a magnet.


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Kindness makes people feel better.

Patients in hospitals often complain that doctors rush in and out of the room and act as if patients are a nuisance, rather than the reason for the hospital. Nurses on the other hand typically treat patients with kindness. As a result, nurses are often thought of positively as if they actually care about the patients for whom they care. People put up with doctors, they like nurses.

Kindness brings in customers.

Not everyone believes that the customer is always right. However, customers do not want to deal with people who make them feel bad, unappreciated, or as if their business is not wanted. Customers will repeatedly purchase from people who are kind and make them feel good. This means if you are kind, you can help bring more money to an organization.


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