• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Lessons From Movies – “No Way Out” and Love

It is sensational to learn life lessons from movies, here is what I learned from “No Way Out.” Spoiler alert, it involves love.

African American couple in love and the words "Lessons From Movies No Way Out and Love"

Recently in this space, I have been sharing lessons I learned from my favorite movies. By sharing my favorite movies, I will be sharing with you a little about myself and the way I think. Perhaps you can spend this time exploring yourself and how you think and maybe even learn something new.

One of the first movies I ever saw with my husband, (then boyfriend), was “No Way Out.” The movie detailed the adventures of a Russian mole in high levels of United States intelligence who was trying not to get caught. The movie was a spy thriller, which is one of my favorite kinds of books to read. There was adventure and excitement. I watched the movie again a few years ago and the movie did not stand the test of time. Perhaps I liked the movie and have good memories of it because of what was going on in my life at the time.

When I saw the movie I was on a date having a silly time. I remember throwing popcorn at Darren and him asking me to stop. After one handful of popcorn, he told me that if I threw any more popcorn at him he would kiss me. Of course, I proceeded to throw two more handfuls of popcorn. More than 20 years of marriage and four kids later, I am sure you can guess how Darren responded to the additional handfuls of popcorn.

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As you read this you are probably wondering why this movie is on my list of all-time favorites since it has not stood the test of time. It is on the list because it always makes me think of happy, silly, young, and moving towards a grown-up place that my relationship with Darren was at the time. In 1987 when we saw the movie, our relationship was new and young. We were learning about ourselves and each other. We were figuring out how we could fit into each others’ lives. It was a sweet time in my life.

Perhaps the lesson I learned from the movie wasn’t actually from the movie. Perhaps it came from my date at the movie. I learned love is sweet and fun and sometimes involves throwing food. So, the question for you this sensational day is what is the most memorable thing you ever learned from a movie?

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