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You Must Learn to Take Care of Yourself – It’s Important

If you hear about me in a fight with a bear, you had better help the bear!

If you hear about me in a fight with a bear, you had better help the bear!"]

One of the best things you can learn is to take care of yourself. When you learn that lesson, your life will be much better.

Yesterday, I was working at my satellite office aka Starbucks when my husband called to tell me about an interview he was watching. Erykah Badu told a story about how one man told another man to be nice to her and she responded that she didn’t need help. She stated that if he heard about her in a fight with a bear, you had better help the bear! When I heard the story, I smiled. I told my husband it reminded me of me. He said he agreed, that is why he called to tell me about the story.


Take care of yourself – No one can do it better.


When it comes to protecting your interests in anything in the world, no one is in a better position to do it than you. No one in the world knows more clearly what you want. Since you are the person who knows best what you want, you are in the best position to advocate for it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking someone else can fight this battle better for you.

It is important to keep in mind that just because you can advocate best for yourself, it does not mean you have to advocate alone. If you need a team to work with you to help you bring your visions to pass, get help! Teamwork makes the dream work, so if you need a team, get the team. However, never forget, that you are the captain of the ship and the leader of the team. The team should follow your vision.


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Help others to help you.


If you need a team to help you to fight for yourself, give your team a clear idea of what they must do. Do not simply tell people to help you and leave them to help as they see fit. Instead, tell those who want to help you with exactly what you want them to do. If you give your teammates a roadmap to follow, they can work together and in one accord do the work necessary to help you achieve your goal.


[Tweet “If you hear about me in a fight with a bear, you had better help the bear!”]


When others are helping you to achieve your goals, if they veer off-target or start going in the wrong direction, you must be brave enough and strong enough to stand up and tell them to stop and go in the direction you desire. This may be hard for some people. That does not matter. In life, sometimes we must do hard things. Never forget that no one can fight for you better than you so you must be in charge of the battle for your dreams.

It is fantastic to know that taking care of yourself is not selfish. It is self-care and it is important. So, the question for you on this fantastic day is, what are you doing to take care of yourself?




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