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It’s Your Life – Take Action Now and Run Things

take action now and control your life www.janeanesworld.com
It’s your life, take action now and claim the driver’s seat!




When it comes to your life, stand up, take action now and start being the boss. There is no one better suited to the task and no one better prepared for the job. Do not let fear keep you eating chicken when you really want salmon. The question for you this magnificent day is, as it is every day, what are you going to take action now to accomplish?

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Take Action Now and Control Your Life

Keep in mind that there are only 24 hours in each day. No matter who a person is they are still bound by the same 24 hours in a day. When a person starts living a life where at work and at home when take action now things get done and that person is in control of their life and business. While it is nice to ride the train, it is so much more fun to be the conductor, to drive the train down tracks you have laid and to be in charge of blowing the train whistle.

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Take Action Now To Be Independent – Don’t Let Others Control Your Destiny

take action now and be independent www.janeanesworld.com

Think about it this way, if you want to go from the front of your house to the back of your house, if you get up to the front door and start walking towards the back of the house, you are more likely to get there than if you sit on the couch and listen to your husband and children discuss how to move forward. The secret to success and independence is to take action, and move according to your own plan.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Your Life – Take Action Now and Run Things”
  1. What a great read! I needed this today. I definitely need to take action now. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Brilliant article about taking action, and quite motivating (and this is coming from someone who is, at times, severly de-motivated).
    I love what you say that if you don’t take action, somebody else will do it for you…very true.
    Thanks for posting

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