• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

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Instead of Complaining – Don’t Adopt Weaknesses You Hate

You have heard people say it all your life, '''If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." In addition, you know that you do a better job when you work with a plan rather than just winging it. So why aren't you creating a plan and working according to the plan.


Instead of complaining about the weaknesses in others, today I will make sure those weaknesses do not have a home in me. Today I pray for strength and courage.


What can we do about weaknesses that cause problems?


Yesterday I was talking with my husband and we were upset about the weaknesses and problems with someone we see on a regular basis. For a while, we were discouraged and angry. We spent a few minutes complaining and detailing how horrible things were. Then we started talking about how we can work with and around those weaknesses and still be happy, still get our desired outcomes. After that discussion, the rest of the day was better.



 Today I pray for strength and courage.



The weaknesses did not disappear, nor did our disappointment. What changed was our attitude. Once we stopped complaining about other people we were able to figure out solutions to our problems and to be creative in fashioning a game plan for the future. The situation reminded me of an old Michael Jackson song – “Man in the Mirror.” Two lines in particular stick out in my memory – 

If you want to make the world a better place

Take a look in the mirror and make a change


If you want things to improve, start with yourself.


I thought about those lines this morning and decided to check my own behavior. I have some form of the behavior I was not happy about and I need to get my act together. So today, I am working on making better decisions, not procrastinating and taking the feelings and needs of others into consideration as I carry out my duties.


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Take a moment now to think about the last time you complained about someone else’s behavior. What was it that bothered you? Now take a long and deep look at your own behavior. How often do you exhibit the behavior, attitude, and qualities you complained about? How would your life change if you stopped complaining about others and improved your own behavior?

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