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Happy – You Know a Book Can Do it For You

Keep in mind, you can read a book in any format you like. I like paper books because I enjoy the smell of the ink on the page. If they ever make new book perfume I am going to buy it by the gallon. There is something wonderful about holding a paper book in your hands and turning the pages. The thrill you get when you bend back the corner of a page to save your place for later is like nothing else. At the same time, I like reader on my e-reader. The e-ink is great on the eyes. It is great to have literally thousands of books in my happy little hand at all times. I never leave home without one of my e-readers. I do not read on my phone or tablet even though many people find that enjoyable.

happy to read

Take a moment now to think about the last book that made you happy. Go get a copy of it, read it and smile! Before you go, share the name of the last book that made you smile in the comment section below.

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reading is fun
In my opinion, the best time to read is all day every day and twice on Sunday. In 2012, the Pew Institute participated in a study to determine how many books the average American reads in a year. E-readers read approximately 24 books per year and traditional book readers read approximately 15 books per year. In a good year, I read about 50 books per year. In a great year, I read 75 books per year. All that reading takes time. If you are a working mom like me, with a husband, 4 kids, a dog and a cat, life is busy. It is sometimes hard to find time to read. It reminds me of the expression – “get it in where you can fit in.”
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20 thoughts on “Happy – You Know a Book Can Do it For You”
  1. As an avid reader, I truly appreciate this post! My goal is to read 50 books every calendar year. I started in 2015 and it was a success!

    Lisa Favre

  2. I have not had or should I say made time for a book besides the Bible in a while. I need to really get myself reading again to relax.

  3. I try to choose a variety of books. I like to switch it up. Maybe a mystery today, a thriller tomorrow…

  4. i have always love reading. since i started to blog i dont get to as much but it is such a fav past time of mine.

  5. When it comes to books I ALWAYS read the last page first. Some think it would ruin the book- but it actually compels me to read!

  6. I always love reading but never have any time for it. I have piles of books that I say I’m going to finally read!

  7. I love to read and make time for it daily….even if it’s just a few pages a day.

  8. I like to relax in a hot bath with a good book. I always have the next book i want to read ready to go.

  9. I love to read! I don’t get to read often though. I need to get back to the library and find a good book. I stopped reading after a while back because I hardly had any time. I need to make the time because I really do enjoy reading.

  10. I absolutely love reading! I’m perfectly content with a frap and a book at a park or at my local starbucks!

  11. I love to read. I was reading novels at the age of 8 or 9. Time is now an issue and wish I had more of it. When I find a good book , I won’t put it done until the end. I’ve stayed awake all night reading a book that I’m so attached to.

  12. Ugh, I tell you, there are times that I get so involved in the book that I am reading that I feel it to my bones and into my life, so this makes sense. I love reading uplifting books, ones that I can’t put down.

  13. I wish I liked to read, but my friends are all readers and they recommend books to me all the time. I need to find the book that makes me happy!

  14. I don’t read at all. I truly do not enjoy it, but my husband is the exact opposite. He reads 5 or 6 books a month.

  15. I absolutely love to read when I have the chance. It’s hard to find quiet time to relax with a good book though. A good book definitely improves my mood!

  16. I taught myself how to read at the age of two and I’ve never looked back. I have more books than places to put them!

  17. I haven’t read a good book in so long! But totally agree, when I choose my books, I like choosing books that bring me joy!

  18. I am currently reading 2 books. I always find books I like and they don’t usually make me happy but these latest two do!

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