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Be Grateful for Work


be grateful for your work www.janeanesworld.com

Recognize that there is a reason to be grateful  for work. Each day, all over the planet earth people get up and go to work. Some people are entrepreneurs who go to their own businesses and look for ways to serve their clients, make sure their employees are paid and that business continues. Some people are employees who go to work for others and do their best to do a good job so they can continue to work and earn paychecks. Some people work at home without paychecks and make sure their families are run efficiently and lovingly.  Whether you fit into one of these categories or a different one, be grateful for your work.

33 thoughts on “Be Grateful for Work”
  1. Yes, we often forget how to be grateful for the things in our lives. I start each morning with gratitude and it really sets the tone for the whole day. We are in control of more than we think we are!

  2. This is a great reminder and I’m glad you have homemaker listed in there. It’s hard to not feel like it’s not enough, even though it’s the most important job I know I’ll ever do!

  3. It is wonderful that your husband was able to find new work that makes him happy. Sometimes we have to be thankful for what we have until we et what we want.

  4. With the economy situation right now, u r lucky when u get to do something for a living. And I do agree with u. No matter what type of work of job it is as long as it is legal, it is something to be thankful for. My husband used to work for this school and every time he comes home he wasn’t happy anymore. He decided to quit and applied for another job at another school and here we are in a new state and he is happy with his work.

  5. you are so right here, although there are some unwanted issues at work and going to work, still we are be grateful to have work as there are thousands who weren’t lucky to get that job we have.

  6. I love my job (being a blogger) and so grateful for it. It’s one thing that I tell the husband all the time too. He is blessed to have his job because there are people who are struggling to find one.

  7. I’m very grateful and feel blessed for the job I have! I have supportive co-workers, supervisors, and I love what I do.

  8. I love the concept to do your best at whatever kind of work you’re doing. And everyone is doing some kind of work!

  9. Great post, as always, Janeane. So important to be grateful for a job. So many people don’t have one.

  10. So, so true! Thanks for sharing, Janeane. We should be grateful for the work we have, even if it’s not our dream job. And I always tell people, if you don’t like what you’re doing, change it!

  11. Days that I have bad days at work I need to remember this. Thankful and proud.

  12. Evan a stay at home/homeschool mom can change her job. You can change the way things are done at home or adjust the curriculum. You are in change of it all – make it work for you.

  13. Great article – I am a stay at home / homeschool mom, I cannot find a new job! There are days where it’s overwhelming but it’s all good!

  14. Such an important life lesson! I’ve been working on being thankful for work and doing the very best I can at every job I do, no matter how small or unpleasant it is. That thankful mindset really is a game changer.

  15. It’s difficult to find a niche in today’s world. Everyone who has a job they enjoy is very fortunate.

  16. Great read! Being grateful allows me to appreciate what I have and pushes me to be better and improve in areas that I am not happy or successful in.

  17. We really need to be grateful for the work we have because some don’t have work…. Thanks for this reminder.

  18. So true with so many people out of work you should either be happy with your job or find one you like. Either way do your best at it.

  19. Absolutely correct. There are so many unemployed individuals out there so if you have a job, learn to love it.

  20. Nice. I know some people that constantly complain about their job or the economy. Thoughts of being grateful would bring them so much more peace.

  21. What an awesome post! This year for me is about growth, big and small in all areas of my life.

  22. I definitely agree with this. Be glad to have work, there are people out there that would love to have a job!

  23. Most things worth having take hard work. It is hard to be at a job you hate and it is hard to find a new job. But, it is better to be working hard toward where you want to be.

  24. This is really great post! I am grateful that I am my own boss because I can’t stand politics within the corp world so this is better for me. It’s also made me push myself in ways I didn’t know possible.

  25. I’m grateful for my work because I’m own boss – and I get to help people become financially healthy. My work and my mission are intertwined, which is a blessing!

  26. I don’t think that anyone should just be grateful for work just because they have a job. I think that kind of thinking just leads to complacency, especially if you’re unhappy at work for whatever reason. You’re right, if you’re unhappy, you should leave. This is a great post.

  27. I wish it was as easy as that if you don’t like your job find something else. Esp the economy is not cooperating. Luckily, New Year and new job for me as well, job that I could finally say i really love doing..

  28. Great post! I agree, having a grateful spirit brings more blessings into your life. This starts with being grateful for your work, even if you want another job, stay grateful in the one you have now.

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