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Tablet Devices are a Lightweight Way to Do Some Heavy Lifting


It is terrific to take a dare and explore how the latest technology can make things better for your business by getting a tablet device.


It is a well-known and established fact that sales of tablet devices have increased in popularity over the past several years. In some cases, consumers are choosing to purchase tablet devices instead of desktop or laptop computers. Entrepreneurs would be well served to take this fact into consideration when purchasing technology for the office.

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A tablet or tablet pc is commonly defined as a portable computer that uses a touchscreen as the primary input device.On computers, one typically says she is opening a program. On tablets, one typically says she is opening an application or app. Most tablets are smaller in terms of square footage and weight than a traditional laptop computer.

Tablets are made by a variety of manufacturers on a variety of platforms, including Android, Apple, and Windows. Which platform is the best? It depends on your personal preferences and business needs. I am not an Apple person so I never buy or recommend their products, but I admit it is my personal preference. Most tablets are very similar in form and function so it is best to buy something that fits your personal taste preferences.






Tablets are commonly used for entertainment applications such as watching movies, listening to music or even reading books. Entrepreneurs should note that tablets are useful tools for business owners  and can be used for a variety of business tasks including:

  • writing
  • research
  • presentations
  • information storage
  • photographs


Among my entrepreneurial activities, I own a consulting firm geared toward advising small businesses, write a daily blog that accepts paid advertising from sponsors, and have started an e-book publishing company. For my work, a tablet is a waste of money and space if I cannot use it to write with ease. I have used several brands of tablet and find that I am able to use them for writing both with and without a stylus with ease. For entrepreneurs who travel, tablets have the additional advantage of being small in size and possessing better battery life than most laptops which make them easy to use on buses, trains, and airplanes. Once upon a time, a visit to the local coffee would reveal many entrepreneurs with their laptops out as they drank coffee and handled business matters. Today, those laptops are increasingly being replaced by tablet devices.

Most modern tablets have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks or have built-in internet connections. This means that they can be used to do research via the internet with ease. The ability to do research on a tablet device, to store and have that research in a pocket or on hand later is an incredible boon and benefit for busy entrepreneurs.

There are several tablets currently on the market that are large enough to use by entrepreneurs to share presentations with clients and employees. Gone are the days when giving a presentation meant pulling out a big white screen and a cumbersome roll of slides. Entrepreneurs are now able to give presentations on the fly with no notice or help from AV club geeks, by pulling a tablet out of a purse or briefcase pocket. The ability to give a presentation in line at the bank or while watching children play at the playground have made it easier for entrepreneurs to do business.

Additionally, tablets are good for information storage as well as the taking and reviewing photographs. Another note about tablets is that they make it easier to manage a calendar and to do list than a smartphone does. Tablets have large, bright screens that make manipulating information and dealing with data a breeze.


picture of woman using a tablet and the words It is terrific to take a dare and explore how the latest technology can make things better for your business.



In conclusion, technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past five years and will continue to do so in the future. Take out your tablet for more than just watching movies and start using it for running your business. So the question for you this terrific day is, what are you going to dare to do with the latest technological advance?



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  1. This is so true.. tablets can be great for so many purposes..thanks for sharing your views

  2. Tablets can be a great tool for many businesses and many have turned to using them

  3. I love this. There;s so much I’m yet to explore with the technology around me. Imagine what will be available even in the next 5 years!

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