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Find The Inspiration You Need – Take Action Now to Be Independent

African American woman lifting dumbbells and the words "Find The Inspiration You Need - Take Action Now to Be Independent"
It is important to find the inspiration you need to take action now to be independent. The best person in the world to be in control of your life is you. Take the time to find out what inspires you to move. That way you will never be paralyzed by inaction. Instead, you will use the inspiration to get moving. 

It is magnificent to take action now to be independent and find the inspiration you need to succeed.




Whether they realize it or not, most people want to succeed. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In order to succeed, you must take action now. Perhaps that is the very reason that people do not succeed, they never get around to the action taking. There are many reasons people fail to take action. One of the most common reasons people do not take action now is because they lack inspiration.

Recently a Facebook friend posted a question about dreams. She asked if there were people who did not have dreams. An interesting conversation ensued. I remain convinced that everyone has dreams. Not everyone wants to share their dreams. Not everyone is brave enough to say their dreams aloud. But, in my mind, everyone has dreams. The secret that people need to find is exactly what it is that inspires them to succeed. No one is motivated to do all that is necessary to succeed at every moment of every day. From time to time, everyone gets tired, feels down, or lacks motivation from time to time. When those times come along, you must find what inspires you so that you can take action now, get back on track and succeed.


Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something.

Inspiration is the thing that makes people go from thinking about moving to actually moving. It is inspiration that will cause you to take action now. Inspiration can be thought of as the secret to success. If you are
in a situation where you need to take action and you cannot find a way to get moving and take the action you know you know you need to take, it is time to find inspiration. Finding inspiration is not always easy, and it is not a one size fits all type of thing. What inspires me, may not inspire you and what inspires me, may not inspire my next door neighbor. For example, I am inspired in part by the following:
  • Ability to claim I always put forth my best efforts
  • Desire to make my husband smile
  • Need to be a good example for my children
  • Responsibilities as a role model
  • Duty to my friends to honor obligations.
These things are special inspirational tools for me and don’t matter to you at all.The thing for you to do is go and find your own sources of inspiration. What makes you get up and go? What is it that causes you to do things when you feel lazy and don’t want to get out of bed? Once you figure out what it takes to get you up and going, you have found your inspiration. Remember those things that inspire you and use them to help push you along when you just don’t feel like taking action now, but really need to take action now. It is important to remember that only by taking action now, can you maintain your independence and succeed.

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In conclusion, it is magnificent to take action now to be independent and find the inspiration you need to succeed. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, what inspires you to take action now?

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