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Dancing with the Stars 2017 and 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

dancing with the stars and lessons for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs must ABL Always Be Learning and the new lineup for “Dancing with the Stars,” one of today’s top news stories has 3 lessons for entrepreneurs.

One of the best things about the times we live in is that there are lessons everywhere. I am a big believer in the idea that you can learn something new every day if you try. We don’t have to go to school or read textbooks in order to get great business tips. Often, you can find them in surprising places. “Dancing with the Stars” has started a new season is and entrepreneurs  should pay attention to because it teaches:

  • There is always a fun new thing to try
  • It is fun to take a second bite at the apple
  • Surprises are fun

There is always a fun new thing to try

Many of the participants in “Dancing with the Stars” state one of the reasons they participate is because it seems like fun. Entrepreneurs are often so busy working and engaging in money-making activities that they forget to take a moment to enjoy life and have fun.  Almost everyone has heard the old expression, “All work and no play makes Johnnie a dull boy.” It is an expression entrepreneurs should keep in mind. You will be more interesting, relatable and likable if you have interests, hobbies and activities outside of work. Look for fun, new things to do and try on a regular basis.

It is fun to take a second bite at the apple

Some participants on “Dancing with the Stars” have not been popular celebrities for a number of years. For them, the show is a second chance at having fame. This is a great lesson for entrepreneurs. It is common for an entrepreneur to fail at business more than once. It is also not uncommon for a person to come to entrepreneurship after other careers. It is important to remember that success as an entrepreneur can come as a second choice or a second opportunity. Entrepreneurship can be wonderful the second time around.

Surprises are fun

Another interesting thing about “Dancing with the Stars” is that sometimes the winner is an absolute surprise. Entrepreneurship can be full of surprises. Often things you thought would make you millions flop and flop hard. Or the products and services you thought would flop become your best sellers. The fact that entrepreneurship is full of surprises is a great thing and some of those surprises can be a lot of fun.

As this story shows lessons for entrepreneurs can be found in all kinds of places. So, the question for smart entrepreneurs this what is the last thing you learned from a television show?