• Wed. May 25th, 2022

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Cyber Monday and Three Lessons for Entrepreneurs

cyber monday and entrepreneurs

Cyber Moniday is upon us and it brings three lessons for entrepreneurs.

Cyber Monday is about more than just sales for smart entrepreneurs.  The lessons it has are:


  1. You can create a classic
  2. Consistency matters
  3. You can make the best better


You can create a classic.


Once upon a time, the big retail shopping day was Black Friday. Retailers would wait all year long for the Friday after Thanksgiving so that they could finally start operating at a profit. It was a well know and well-established shopping experience. Then came computers, then Amazon and online shopping. After a while came Cyber Monday. It is a new phenomenon, the phrase was coined in 2005, just 12 years ago. So, while Black Friday was once the big shopping day, today Cyber Monday has been added to the shopping mix. Time and technology created a classic.

As an entrepreneur, attention to things in your business that are resounding with customers. The interesting, successful, and crazy ideas you have today may just be business classics later.


Consistency matters.


Cyber Monday is always the first Monday after Thanksgiving. From the first day it was created to today, Cyber Monday is consistently the same day.  Everyone knows when it is. It is dependable and reliable. Shoppers know when Cyber Monday is and they are prepared to act. Retailers who have Cyber Monday sales on a consistent basis are rewarded with customer dollars.

When it comes to succeeding in business it is important to be someone your customers can depend upon. If you have set office hours, keep those hours. If you have a list of products and services your customers depend upon, do not change that offering back and forth without considering your customers. Those customers will reward you with their dollars.


You can make the best better.


Black Friday was and is a great thing for retailers. The best sales of the year are often reserved for Black Friday. It was a good thing. It was widely known to be the best shopping of the year. The on!y problem was that shoppers had to go out, sometimes very early in the morning and potentially get into altercations with other shoppers. Then along came Cyber Monday and the best got better. No more long lines, no more fights with crazy shoppers, and no more freezing cold shopping trips. When the best got better, you could shop in your pajamas while sipping hot chocolate.

As an entrepreneur, take time to make your best better. When dealing with customers always under promise and over deliver. Never do the opposite. When you make your best better customers will be happy and will reward your improvement s with their dollars.

In conclusion, Cyber Monday has lessons for entrepreneurs.Those who learn them will be rewarded with customer dollars.

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