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Control Your Destiny When You Take Action Now

Take Action Now to Be Independent and Control Your Destiny

As you know, nothing works unless you do so take action now and you control your destiny.

In life, you either control your own destiny or someone else will.  The question always is, who should control your destiny. It all comes down to two choices:

  1. Let someone else controls your destiny
  2. You control your own destiny

It is not a complicated matter. Let’s break it down into bite-sized pieces the way you would eat an elephant. In life, things happen. Either you make them happen or someone else makes them happen and you watch from the sidelines and react. In other words, you control your own destiny or someone else will.

If you let someone else control your destiny, what happens?

You have a choice. You can sit back and let someone else control your destiny. In some ways, this is an easy thing to do. When you don’t make the choices, someone else is responsible. When things are not your responsibility you don’t have to take the blame for the consequences. Think about it. When you are at work, if it is someone else’s company, you do not have to worry about payroll, taxes, and other such matters. You can simply come to work, do your job, and let someone else worry about making everything work.

When you are working for someone else and they are in control, you have to do what they want you to do. Your freedom of choice is limited. After all, if you want to remain employed, you must do what those in control ask of you. Sometimes, they will have policies and procedures that drive you crazy. Things that happen may not be to your liking and there is nothing you can do about it.

It is like when you were a teenager and lived with your parents. If you were like most teenagers, you thought your parents didn’t have a clue about modern life. Often you resented being subject to their rules and regulations. You didn’t think of their rules as a safety net, but almost as a noose, choking off your freedom. You longed for the days when you could be free and do what you wanted in life.

If you control your own destiny, what happens?

When you control your destiny you are responsible. The choices made are yours. The consequences that come from those choices are yours. In other words, it is all your fault. Think about it this way, when you moved out of your parents’ home and into your home you were the big boss. If there was food in the house, if the electric bills were paid, it was all your fault if the rent or mortgage were paid every month.

When it is time for you to eat, do you want to pick what you like or do you want someone else, a neighbor perhaps to pick? Your neighbor likes boiled carrots and eats them at every meal. You on the other hand hate carrots and would be happy never to see a carrot again. Who should control your dinner decisions? You or the carrot-loving neighbor?

When it comes to your life, you are the best person to control your destiny.  Do not sit back passively while others decide what you should do and what is best for you. It is your life, so show up like a grown-up and get things done. You alone are in the best possible position to determine what is best for you. Let today be the day you step up and control your destiny.

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