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Healthy Competition With Your Husband Can Be Fun!

You can find serenity in knowing that a little healthy competition between spouses can be a fun, good and beneficial thing. My husband and I were HOT when we got married. I am talking smoking hot. Over the course of the past 31 years we have both gained weight. We need to get rid of that weight. There are many reasons why we have not done it before now. I know for me, when I was 19, my husband told me women did not become beautiful until they turned 30. Later as I aged, he continued to tell me that I was beautiful. I did not realize that even though I was gorgeous, I was also overweight. I kept seeing myself through his loving eyes where I was still a young hottie.

Me, at the start of this competition
Me, at the start of this competition

Things changed in Kmart of all places. I went in and wanted to buy an outfit and could not find the outfit I wanted that fitted in a way that looked good on me. It was a sad day, a very sad day. But, more than that, it was a day that made me realize I need to get my butt in gear and in shape. So, once again, technology came to the rescue. I have wanted a Microsoft Surface Pro. I want it! I want it! Did I mention that I want it. I don’t remember who challenged who, but we are now in competition to see who loses the greatest percentage of body weight aka The Biggest Loser style and the winner gets the Microsoft Surface Pro.

I am determined to win this competition and kick my husband’s butt because I want that machine. Oh, yeah, it will be nice to get into shape too. I am a big game player, so I always show up when it matters. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I started blogging because of a competition about reading the Bible with my friend Raya Fagg of And Starring As Herself Mrs. RKFJ. I won that competition and I am going to kick Darren’s butt and win this one. The competition started a couple of weeks ago and I have not been moving forward as I should. It is my hope that by making this challenge public, I will get moving and get to kicking butt. The end of the contest is March 31, 2014, my wedding anniversary.

Darren at the start of the contest
Darren at the start of the contest

While I am not brave enough to state my current weight, I am brave enough to make the challenge public. Over the course of the next few months, I will share my progress with you in this space. Please join me on this journey and cheer me on. I really want to kick Darren’s butt in this challenge and I REALLY want that machine.

In conclusion, you can find serenity in knowing that healthy competition can make life better. So, the question for you this serene day is, have you ever had a healthy competition with your spouse?

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30 thoughts on “Healthy Competition With Your Husband Can Be Fun!”
  1. You can do this, Diva!!! What a wonderful idea! My husband and I are ultra competitive,too and there have been many a things accomplished around our house because of a friendly wager. Can’t wait for the updates!

  2. The challenge has been fun, it bought out some healthy competitive juices in both of us. I love my husband, truly I do, but I am going to kick his butt!

  3. This is really a fun idea. Terrence and I have been joking about the Newlywed 15 that we put on. We both have goals from health to professional, and I think we could benefit from a challenge!

  4. I totally love this idea! I think that it build commaraderie and keeps the friendship of the relationship going! I cant wait to see who gets the surface!!…and you are Totally Beautiful Miss J!!!

  5. Excited for you guys! 🙂 This is amazing! Good luck. A little healthy competition doesn’t hurt a thing. 🙂

  6. Was here already and like Jennifer, I wonder who’s gaining lead now. Have fun!

  7. It is indeed, i am sometimes a competitive person with my husband but i always get loss, however when it comes to technology he is all hands up as he doesn’t know about them as much as i do.

  8. Good luck! IT can definitely be good to do such things from time to time 🙂 x

  9. This is a great challenge for both of you. Hubby and I also did it this year. We both reach our goals so I guess we both won the challenge. As for you, I wish you all the best. Do it safe though. Try T25.

  10. Awe! I am so happy for both of you. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition especially when you talk about health and loosing the unhealthy weight. Oh dear! I am excited for you. You go for it! My husband and I do love a little competition in some things we do. I am just lucky enough my husband loves the outdoors, hike, climb mountains, run, bike and all that. We want our kids to grow up loving the outdoors and do so fun and healthy things. Anyway, keep us updated on your journey! Good luck! I am seriously excited for you.

  11. Danny and I just finished our first competition on November 9th. The person who lost the most percentage of weight did not have to pay for our anniversary dinner. He went by 2 %. We are going to compete again and ck in around Christmas.

    My advice is to stay focused. Do not weigh yourself weekly, maybe once a month. I was discouraged in August because I was gaining weight as I was exercising (it was probably muscle) and I stopped doing everything for a month. If I had just stayed focused and remained consistent with my running and eating healthy I might have won

    …. Let’s get it!

  12. Go! Go! Go! Your giving me the power to move my butt during my upcoming 45th year on earth.

  13. It is great to hear that, as long as the competition has prizes i would love to work harder, when it comes to technologies my partner asked me about it.

  14. That is a great competition to have, what a prize for the winner. You are a woman so I have no doubt it will be you!! I can not wait for the outcome.

  15. That’s a competition I love! You’ve inspired me to challenge my own husband! Now to pick a prize…

  16. I totally agree…..I think we need to get into a competition now! I like having his support.

  17. Oh yes we always challenge ourselves by eating right (avoiding junk food) and exercising. However he beat me most of the type in cold season coz i hate going out for a walk when its cold. Its fun though

  18. My husband and I are watching our calories, so we are also in a healthy competition. We do hope we lose weight and with the holidays in just a few weeks, I just hope we will be able to keep up with our work.

  19. I sure hope you win your Surface Pro! I have the Surface RT and absolutely love it.

  20. We have been talking about this lately. Both of us need to lose weight and get healthier. Once our baby is here and I can begin exercising again, we are going to lose weight together. Maybe we should turn it into a friendly competition?!

  21. Would love to follow along with your progress with your hubby – good luck!!! May the better person win!!!

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