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Commit to Improving Family Life by Creating Family Traditions

Make sure to have dedicated family time.

Today is a great day to commit to improving family life by creating family traditions.  Tradition gives us a sense of stability and dependability.  So let today be the day you create some traditions and improve life for your family.

The first line of the book Anna Karenina  is “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” When it comes to family traditions each family creates them in their own way. At our house, we have a few traditions that are special to us. Some of these include:

  • Tacos on Friday night
  • YouTube video marathons on Saturday
  • Presents for the kids on payday
Tacos on Friday nightMake sure to have dedicated family time.

Like many traditions, tacos on Friday night started by accident. One Friday night I was too tired to cook a big fancy meal that the children wanted.  We had a family size taco mix in the kitchen cabinet so I made tacos, yellow rice, black beans, and nachos with all the fixings. This was an easy meal that required almost no work for me to do. My husband and the kids LOVED the meal. They ate every drop and asked for more. The meal was so good, they asked me to make it for them again the next Friday.  My family asked for it so much, that it became a Friday tradition.

YouTube video marathons on Saturday

My husband loves music. Not only does he love music, he loves loud music. Normally he does not work on Saturday so he and the children sleep late. When he wakes up he turns on YouTube and plays old music videos – loudly. Of course, the loud music wakes up all the kids. The kids all crowd around my husband in his office or our bedroom. Wherever the music is, the kids show up. Once they show up, they start requesting songs. The next thing you know, everyone is singing, dancing, and eating crazy snacks. What started off as a way for my husband to relax on Saturdays turned into a family hangout and jazz session every weekend.

Make sure to have dedicated family time.Presents for the kids on payday

Presents on payday is a thing my husband started years ago before we had children. Whenever he closed a deal and earned a commission, he would get me a present. The presents varied. Sometimes he would bring me home yarn, other times he would show up with salmon steaks. He also showed up with books.  Once we began having children, he started getting presents for the children every time he earned a commission.  Of course, presents for the kids on payday is one of the children’s favorite traditions.

These traditions are not for everyone. But they mean the world to my family. One day my children will be all grown up and have families of their own. I hope that some of these traditions will be passed on to their families. It would delight me to no end for that to happy. Take time today to create some family traditions of your own. You will be glad you did.