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When it Comes to Work, Show Up Like a Grown Up

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Realize that when it comes to work you need to show up like a grown up! Each day, all across America people get up and go to work. For some of those people it is the last day of work because they are fired. One reason people are fired is that refuse to show up like a grown up and work at work. It is important to always keep in mind that work is something grown-ups do. If you want to continue to work with your employer, you must be above reproach.

When grown ups come to work, they do several things:

  • show up on time
  • behave as if they are a role model for those around them
  • show up with a good attitude
  • put forth their best efforts with all they do
  • show up prepared to work
  • do a good job
  • respect those in authority
  • behave with kindness and integrity
  • lead with authority, not intimation
  • show appreciation for the job you have


Take time now to look at this list. Then, look at your behavior. Are you doing all the things in the list? If yes, that is good, you show up like a grown up at work. If you are not doing most of the things on the list, you are not showing up like a grown up. It is time for you to re-evaluate your actions and change your behavior at work. It does not matter if you are not happy at work. It does not matter if you are too good for your job. In fact, there is no excuse for failing to show up like a grown up at work.

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 In all we do as adults we have a responsibility to strive for excellence. It is not satisfactory to strive for average, work towards mediocre. That simply is not what adults are supposed to do. Adults recognize that they have responsibilities to themselves, their families and to those with whom they interact. Just as you want excellence from waitresses, bank tellers and supermarket cashiers, you should provide excellence to all with whom you have contact. Showing up like a grown up is not the most you can do, it is the least you can do. Everything else you do at work should be built on a foundation of you showing up like a grown up and doing excellent work.



It is wonderful to realize that when it comes to work you need to show up like a grown up! So, the question for you this wonderful day is, how do you show up like a grown up at work?


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