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Clards the Greeting Cards that Keep Giving

Clards the Greeting Cards that Keep Giving

Thank you to the fine folks at Clards who provided me with a sample Clards for review. All opinions expressed in this article are my own.

Everyone talks about saving a tree, I say get a Clard and save a lot of trees!  Recently I came across a product called Clards that just blew my mind. To put it simply,  Clards are cards that double as reusable paper towels. I gave them a whirl at my house and we really liked them.

Clards the Greeting Cards that Keep Giving

Clards are reusable greeting cards. So you send a friend a Clard for her birthday, to thank her for something, or just because. Normally your friend would read the card, smile, hang it up for a few days, and then throw it out. Normal cards are not reusable and end up being a pain in the neck to store or keep around. Clards are different. After your friend reads her Clard, she can actually use it for things:

  1. One of the kids spills juice all over the counter, grab a Clard and wipe it up
  2. It’s time to wash the dishes and you need to scrub some plates, grab a Clard and scrub away
  3. Kid’s bath time comes and you want to do something fun,   grab a Clard
  4. You want to wash your face with your new face wash, grab a Clard
  5. After your teenage son takes a bath you need to scrub the tub clean (oops, he needs to scrub the tub clean), grab a Clard
Clards the Greeting Cards that Keep Giving

Clards are great for all of these things. How do I know, because I have used it for all of these things. Clards are washable reusable cleaning cloths. According to the manufacturer, one Clard can do the work of 3,000 paper towels and can be used for months. Once you have used your Clard for one of the uses listed above, or any other use, you can toss it in the dishwasher. When my Clards get dirty, I normally just add a drop of dish liquid and scrub it clean.

Clards the Greeting Cards that Keep Giving

Clards are made up of two eco European cleaning cloths and come in a variety of unique designs.  Each Clard has a removable spine binder with a message such as Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, and more. When you get your Clard, use a permanent marker to add a message that the recipient will enjoy seeing each time she uses the Clard. Your message will make the recipient smile each time she uses the Clard.

Each Clard has special instructions on the back that tells recipients how to  use it: Ultra-eco Clards are made from compostable sponge cloth, each Clard (2 cloths) will do the work of 30 rolls of paper towel. Remove the binder tape, wet cloth, and clean up! Launder in the dishwasher.

Check out Clards.com to get some Clards of your own. Once you get your Clards and try them out, stop back by and let me know how you liked them and how you use them.