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Procrastination is a killer! It kills opportunities. It kills goodwill. In addition, it kills happiness. If you are a person who cannot help putting off for tomorrow the things you could do today, this section of articles is perfect for you. Here you will find articles to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to kick procrastination in the read end and do what needs doing!

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Taming the To-Do List One Item at a Time

No matter how long it is, you can tame your to-do list. You do it like you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

Your To-Do List – Tame It and Let Some Things Go

Sometimes it is terrific to tame the to-do list and let some things go! Just because you put it on the list, it doesn't have to stay.

Taming Our To-Do Lists

It is terrific to know  part of having a to-do list is knowing sometimes what we have to do doesn't work the way we want.