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Inspiration is a gift that keeps on giving. From time to time, every entrepreneur needs to find inspiration to push forward and do what needs doing. When you need to have your inspiration refreshed, come to the articles in this category for the inspiration you need to succeed.  If you want to succeed, don’t get ready, stay ready. In other words, keep these articles close at hand so your cup of inspiration can be refreshed whenever you need it to be.

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  • Wonderful Words from Others – We Wear the Mask

Wonderful Words from Others – We Wear the Mask

From time to time, we all must wear the mask. We must hide who we are and what we think. We must do this because of our race, sex, or…

Attitude – Make Magnificent Improvement

It is magnificent to improve yourself, starting with a good attitude. Throughout the month of August, I am going to work on improving myself starting with the As: attitude, appearance,…

Add Something Magnificent to the World

Everyone has the ability to add something magnificent to the world. Some people can sing a pretty song. Others save lives. Others are role models influencing generations to come. Everyone…