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Believe In Yourself and Give Yourself the Victory

Believe in yourself and give yourself the victory, not defeat.


Believe in yourself and give yourself the victory, not defeat.

I was talking to a friend recently who was full of defeat. She had plans to do a bunch of things, go to school, buy a house, get a better job, be a better mother. She was complaining that she was failing in all her efforts and that nothing she touched worked out and that it never would. Her husband tried with all his might to convince her to keep going, to look at things in a positive light, to be encouraged and to stay strong. She just could not let go of the defeat.

My son is fourteen years old. Ever since he could talk he just assumed, inferred and stated that everyone liked him, everyone was his friend and he could literally do anything in the world. He never let things like reality and hard times deter him from his belief that life will turn out wonderfully. I admire his optimism. I like the fact that he believes in himself and that God will bless his efforts.

Today, I need to call my friend and tell her, “Chick up!  Start believing in yourself and claim victory, not defeat.” I have always lived my life looking for miracles and expecting the impossible. I have been blessed because my God always delivers, always grants victory. Christian folks always talk about how God can save you from the fire, in the fire or through the fire. I have seen it in my life.  The point is that we need to claim what we want if we want victory and success, we must claim them even when they are hard to see.

When you are dealing with your business, do not assume you will fail.Do not assume that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. When it comes to your business start behaving as if you have the Midas touch. Behave as if everything you touch in your business will turn to gold and success. When you start behaving as if success is coming your way, it will. It is not about fake it until you make it. It is more like, fake it until you make it with work. Put in the work needed to make your business a success.

If you need to improve your skills, work to improve your skills. If you need to hire employees, start putting out help wanted signs, ads and social media posts. Do not complain about what has to be done. Instead, make a plan and then get to work making the plan a reality. Work your plan step by step, piece by piece and continue working until it is done.


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It is wonderful to believe in yourself and the power of God to make all your dreams come true! What are you working on that needs more of your faith in yourself?