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“Beale Street” by Langston Hughes and Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Beale Street by Langston Hughes and lessons for entrepreneurs

Today we are talking about the Langston Hughes poem, “Beale Street” and lessons it has for entrepreneurs.

This poem has a few lessons for entrepreneurs, including the idea that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Another way to look at the lesson is to say that, the people perish for lack of vision. No matter which phrase you use, the poem “Beale Street” teaches entrepreneurs that you must have a plan and a vision and communicate it with those around you.

The poem starts with the idea that the dream is vague and confused. This is often the situation struggling entrepreneurs face. When an entrepreneur is unable to communicate her vision to partners, employees and customers it is hard to get those people to get on board and support the entrepreneur’s vision. Often an entrepreneur’s business is the embodiment of a dream. A business is often a dream come true. No one understands the dream like the dreamer. The dreamer must use words, pictures, music, smells and event touches to make the dream real to those around her. When a dream is not realized, when it is not clearly communicated to the world, it can fade and die.

If you are an entrepreneur, make sure you take the time to communicate your dream, your vision for your business. Those on your team and those who purchase your products or services need to clearly understand your dream and your vision. When you communicate your vision, people get to know you and your business. Knowledge leads to trust and trust leads to people who buy what you have to sell

Here are the words to the poem for you to review

Beal Street by Langston Hughes

The dream is vague
And all confused
With dice and women
And jazz and booze.

The dream is vague,
Without a name,
Yet warm and wavering
All sharp as flame.

The loss
Of the dream
Leaves nothing
The same.

Entrepreneurs should pay attention to this poem because of the lessons it has about the importance of sharing the dream and vision the entrepreneur has in her heart for the business. There are all kinds of ways to communicate your dream for your business. Here are a few:

  • Talk about your vision for the business
  • Share your business philosophy on social media
  • Create a brochure showing what the business is about
  • Write a blog describing your business and its views on things

All of these methods take the vision you have for your business out of your mind and puts it out into the world. Select the method or methods that feel best for you and that work best for your business. Your business is like a candle or a shining star, do not hide it under a barrel!

In conclusion, the poem, “Beale Street:” by Langston Hughes is a good one for entrepreneurs to check out because every entrepreneur needs to think about the way she communicates her dream and vision with the world.

What is the last thing you suggested a fellow entrepreneur check out?