• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

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If You Want to Learn to Balance it All Ask a Mom

If you want to learn to balance work and life, forget the "experts." Instead ask a real mom.


It is fantastic to know when it comes to work-life balance you can ask a mom how to do it.

The internet, bookstores, newspapers and even grocery market lines are always full of people talking about how hard it is to balance work and life. I am always amused by the “experts” who are full of advice on how it can or cannot be done. These alleged experts talk about which side is more important and why we are all doomed because work-life balance will never be achieved. Today I encourage you to stop listening to all the experts who tell you that work-life balance is impossible. Instead, I want you to go ask a mom. Look around at your friends, family members and co-workers somewhere in that group is a mom who is making it work.

When you find that mom who is making it work, that mom who is working crazy hours and still getting dinner on the table, the laundry done, and the kids to school on time each morning. Find that mom and talk to her. Ask her what she does. She may be hanging on by a thread and tell you she is barely getting it all done. If she does, ignore that part and still ask her to tell you her system. Ask her how she does it, does she use an app? Is her day planner full of post its? Ask her if she has alarms going off on her cell phone every thirty minutes reminding her what to do? Just find out what it is that she is doing to get it all done.


.It is fantastic to know when it comes to work-life balance you can ask a mom how to do it.

Once you find out what that balancing it all mom is doing to make it work, sit down and figure out how to make her system work in your life. It is not important that you copy her system exactly. Instead, take the things she does, take the tricks she uses and adapt them to your life. Then start trying some stuff. It may be hard at first and you may mess up a lot. So what. Try it anyway. If it doesn’t work out perfectly so what. Aim for getting it to work good enough. Once you get things working good enough be happy and consider yourself a success! One of the key things about the work-life balance struggle is realizing that things don’t have to be perfect to work. You must get to a point where you realize that good enough really is good enough.

Take time right now to look around and find that mom who is doing a good enough job of balancing it all and find out her secret. It will make her feel good to know that from the outside she looks like a success. Everyone needs a confidence boost and compliment sometimes. So, take out two birds with one stone. In other words, ask a mom. It will make her feel good and give you the information you need.



In conclusion, it is fantastic to know when it comes to work-life balance you can ask a mom how to do it. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, what mom are you going to ask for a work-life balance secret?