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Improve Your Relationships by Reading a Book

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It is sensational to improve a relationship by reading books.


There has been a book written on almost every subject under the sun. When people consider fun activities to do on dates, only rarely do they consider reading together. Similarly, once children reach middle school, only rarely do parents read with their children. This should not be. Books have the power to bring people together by allowing them to learn about shared interests. Books can also be used to teach people about things that are important to us that they may not know about.  Books can be used to heal broken hearts and to help us avoid conflicts. In these ways, books are our friends and can help us improvement improve our relationships.


Let’s say for example it is time for “the talk” with one of your children and you just cannot find the words. No problem, just head to your local bookstore or local library and find a book that says what you can’t. Next, give the book to your youngster and ask her to read it. Then you can either talk about what she read, or you can ask her to write a report summarizing what she read. You can correct any errors and win that way, “the talk” is done! Here is another example. If you are having problems in your relationship are trying to work it out, take a look in a book. There are books on almost every relationship problem known to man. Read a book together and work it out.

Often parents think that in order for reading to be worthwhile, the book must be a classic or teach something important. This is not true. In my opinion, the best reading is reading that is done for the sheer joy of it. This means that the family can be sitting around the living room with everyone reading something different and then interrupting each other from time to time to share something interesting. This may mean mom is reading about basketball, dad is reading about political humor, son is reading about history, and daughter is reading about the solar system. This is good. The family is enjoying an activity together, in the same place and everyone is happy and engaged. By reading together like this, family relationships can be improved and strengthened.
In conclusion, it can be sensational for a relationship for people to read together. So, the
question for you this sensational day is, has a book ever helped you make a relationship better?
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