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5 Tips For When Your Family Comes to Work

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It is fantastic to prepare for the fact that no matter how we balance home and work, eventually, family comes to work.

No matter what kind of work we do, from Fortune 500 CEO to Mary Kay salesperson,  a day will come when your family will have to come in contact with your workplace. There are a few things you can tell your family in order to make sure that your job or business remain intact after the family visit.

There are five tips to share with your family before they come to your business or place of employment:

1.     Eating – make sure that your family does not take more food than the average person. Everyone should use their “good” table manners. This means chewing with mouths closed, not overstuffing one’s mouth with food and not sneaking biscuits into pockets and purses.

2.    Drinking – it should go without saying, but I will say it, do not allow your family members to drink to excess at your place of employment. It will damage your reputation as an employee or as an employer to be known as a person with a drunk family member.

3.    Smoking –  this is a habit that is increasingly seen as a public menace. It is important that you let your family members know where smoking is and is not permitted in your workplace. If your workplace is a non-smoking one, tell your family members who smoke that they must take their activity outside and away from the workplace.

4.    Personal Relationships – advise your family members to keep their personal lives out of your workplace. This means if they have problems or bad history with anyone at the workplace, those issues should be discussed outside of the workplace. Whenever possible, advise your family members not to hit on or sleep with people at your workplace. These activities will lead to problems that are best avoided.

5.    Hands Off – obviously, it is important for your family members not to pick up things at your workplace that do not belong to them. There are many reasons why your family members should not steal from your workplace. First of all, it is illegal. Secondly, thieving family members hurt your reputation with your co-workers, supervisors or employees.

In conclusion, it is fantastic to prepare for the fact that no matter how we balance home and work, eventually, family comes to work. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, how do you prepare your family to come to your workplace?

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