• Thu. May 26th, 2022

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5 Powerful Job Search Lessons for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can learn something new every day if they try and this article has 5 powerful job search lessons for entrepreneurs. When it comes to finding work, customers, and jobs, entrepreneurs must ABL – always be learning if they want to succeed. Fortunately, some, lessons don’t have to be experienced to be learned, they can be read.


Over the course of the past year as an entrepreneur, I have learned 5 lessons. I am sharing them because they are lessons that are good for all entrepreneurs to know.

1. Look for big, bold, and audacious opportunities.
2. Don’t compete based on price if you don’t have to.
3. Behave as if you have something of value to offer the world.
4. Don’t be afraid to turn away an opportunity.
5. Every dollar is not a good dollar.

Look for big, bold, and audacious opportunities.

Small entrepreneurs often stay small entrepreneurs when they could be much more because they are afraid to go for big, bold, and audacious opportunities. The entrepreneurs who are afraid will say they cannot go for bigger opportunities because they say they are not ready, they don’t have the reputation or they cannot afford to do the job. Often these are just excuses. If you are an entrepreneur looking for work, stand up straight, tall and go for something big, bold, and audacious.



Don’t compete based on price if you don’t have to.


Often small entrepreneurs compete on price. They figure that if they make the price low enough they will beat the competition and get the jobs. This is true in many cases. But, what this business philosophy ignores is the fact that competing on price alone costs money. If you are charging $1 for a product or service that is commonly sold for $2 you are losing $1 each time you make a sale.

In addition, you potentially can be priced out of the marketplace by a larger competitor who has enough money to sell at a loss until you go out of business. It is important to keep in mind that whether you charge $1 or $ your expenses are the same. Your monetary needs are the same. Instead of competing on price, compete on other things such as quality and your unique offering.



Behave as if you have something of value to offer the world.

No matter what size your business, when you talk about it, do not say things like, “my business is only.” This phrase diminishes your business not only in the eyes of those you are speaking to but also in your own eyes. Talk about your business as if it is something wonderful and that you have something of value to offer the world. Your words have power, so talk about your business in glowing positive terms. Your words will cause you to treat your business as if it is valuable and has a great place in the world. Eventually, those words will become real.



Don’t be afraid to turn away an opportunity you discover is not good for you.

An important lesson for entrepreneurs to learn is that sometimes you need to pack up your toys and go home. Sometimes an opportunity, job, or business arrangement seems like a great one on the surface. In fact, in the beginning, the opportunity may be a good one. However, later, the opportunity take a turn for the worse. The client misses deadlines, fails to pay as agreed, or becomes uncooperative in some other way. If this happens and what was once a dream client or opportunity becomes a nightmare, don’t be afraid to walk away. Not every opportunity is a good one and sometimes you need to let it go.



Every dollar is not a good dollar.


One important thing entrepreneurs must keep in mind is that some money is not what it costs. When entrepreneurs go for business opportunities it costs them things. It costs money, time, and other opportunities. Some clients want you to do work you don’t enjoy at unfair prices and under unfavorable circumstances. Sometimes, opportunities are bad for a variety of reasons.

Often at the start, an entrepreneur knows that an opportunity is not a good one, but she is so desperate for the money she goes for it anyway. Never forget that not all money is good money. Sometimes, even when an entrepreneur is desperate for money she must turn down an opportunity because they are not all created equal.



These are 5 lessons about the job search that are important for entrepreneurs to learn, keep in mind, and pass on to others. As you think about your business and the things you have learned over the past year, what is the most important lesson you have learned?