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4 Ways to Get a Healthy Reading Habit for Life


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There 4 ways to get a healthy reading habit for life. When I was a child, I watched Saturday morning cartoons. One commercial I remember was one that said, “reading is fundamental.” All my life I have loved to read. When I was pregnant with my twins, I got cravings for books the way other women craved pickles and ice cream.  I read for fun,  for education, for distraction for business purposes. I read, I read I read.

My mother-in-law always encouraged people to “get all you can and can all you get.” It was her was of saying a person should always be learning, getting all the information possible and saving that information. Reading is a great way to get information, a lot of information about anything one wants to know.  If you would like to become a better reader or a more frequent reader, try the following:
1.     Read what you like
2.     Read what you do
3.     Read what your friends read
4.     Read the classics


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Read What You Like
This advice is often given to parents to tell their children. It is hard to get a person to read if they have no interest in the topic of a book. If you want to become a better reader or want to read more, simply start by reading whatever it is that you like to read.
Read What You Do
No matter what type of work a person does, there is a book that can teach you how to do it differently, better or  more efficiently. Take time to read publications specifically created for your industry. There is always something you can learn from others.
Read What Your Friends Read
When you read what your friends read, you will be better equipped to have conversations with them. While it is true that we often have a lot in common with our friends, they often have interests that are different from out own. When we pay attention to what our friends read we get to know them a little better and can be a better friend.
Read the Classics

Classic books are those books that seem to have been around forever that get read over and over each year by millions of people around the world. Many e-Readers and programs give access to millions of classic books for free so you can catch up on the ones you missed when you were in school. As I have read hundreds of classics over the past five years I am amazed at how much of classic literature is found today in books, movies and television shows.

Reading is more than just fundamental, it really is good for you. It is a way to learn about yourself, the world, and those around you. Take time today to start a healthy reading habit. It is one that will give you benefits all your life.
It is sensational to get a healthy reading habit for life. So, the question for you this sensational day is, what do you like to read?
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 It is wonderful to educate yourself and make the job search more successful by reading industry publications. Each day there are people all over the country who are seeking work. Some are traditional employees who want to go and offer their services to employers at brick and mortar locations. Other people seeking work are entrepreneurs who are seeking more customers for their businesses. Still others are people who work at home like freelance writers who are looking for their next contracts. All these people are looking for different kinds of work in a variety of industries and at a variety of wages. What remains constant is that in order to be the most successful, it is important to keep current with industry trends.
The special idea for today is one I got from my husband learned from his mother as a child, “get all you can, can all you get.”
The idea behind the notion of get all you can and can all you get is that you should learn everything you can possibly learn, then save that knowledge because it is a precious treasure.  Since my teenie bopper was a baby, I have taught her to get all she can and can all she gets. I did the same thing with my son and now with the twins.  It is a cute saying and easy for the children to learn and memorize. This saying is one of the first things they intentionally put into their cans.  The little twin pictures brain full of cans. The big twin sees herself as having just two cans.

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It is sensational  to love to read. At its simplest level, reading is the act of looking at groups  of letters , determining   that the letters are words and purring those words  together to convey  information. Mist people learn to read when they are children In the beginning we learn to read so we can learn.  Later we read so we can learn. The truly fortunate among us, begin to read simply for the joy of reading.