• Wed. Mar 8th, 2023

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Be Beautiful Inside and Out

A beautiful day outside should make us be wonderful on the inside and present our beauty to the outside.

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day in Bryn Mawr, Pa. The temperature is supposed to be warm and it is going to be sunny. By most definitions, this qualifies as a beautiful day. This is a day that made me put on a cute skirt, brush my hair up and I am even throwing on some lipstick. So, since my outside is gorgeous, I am going to make sure the inner me matches. There is something about a bright sunny day and looking good that makes a person look at their insides for beauty.

There is an expression, “beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone.” In my mind, the idea behind that expression is that no matter how pretty you are, if you are ugly on the inside, it overrides your outer beauty. Each day when we get up and get dressed we look in the mirror to make sure our clothes, hair and makeup are in good condition. When we do that, we should also look at our hearts, our attitudes and our behavior to make sure they are in good condition also.

Your inner beauty or lack thereof determines a great deal about how others will treat you. We all know that karma is real and that we reap what we sow. This means that if you want to attract beautiful things and beautiful people you must be beautiful inside. A cute face, a cute hairdo and a cute outfit will never make up for a crappy attitude and treating other people in a bad manner.

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Today I am looking for the good in others. I will give out compliments rather than complaints. I am doing all I can to make sure those I am around enjoy the beauty of the day by not detracting from it with a crappy, ugly attitude. Take a look at your inner and outer appearance, are you making your inside beautiful?