• Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

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Want a Magnificent Home, Build It

Your home has many magnificent things, so step back and look for them.
Your home has many magnificent things, so step back and look for them.


Today, this magnificent day will be a day I spend thinking about the magnificent people I know, my family members. I can find magnificence in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made by my son. I see magnificence in my teenie bopper who keeps getting awards and who offered to make dinner because I seemed tired. I recognize the magnificence in my twins sticking together and not letter their big siblings push them around. I recognize the magnificence in my husband working, bringing home all his money, being faithful and being an awesome father and husband.

Too often we think life is only magnificent when something huge happens. We want things like winning the lottery, buying a new home or the birth of a child. This is such a mistake. There is magnificence in having a simple, happy life. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need fireworks, celebrations and big parties. There is something magnificent about being surrounded by those who love you and whom you love. There is magnificence in the stinky little feet of your children and a good spouse. There is magnificence in a home, even if it is junky and not like the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. There is magnificence all around you. All you have to do is stop and look for it.



As I write this article I am looking around at my home office. Two of the children have left clothes on the floor. My son left two graded tests on my desk that he wants me to hang on my wall to show how proud I am of him. My husband has borrowed my scissors and all my pens. In other words, my office is a mess and yet, when I look at it I find it to be magnificent and it makes me happy. I am happy because my office shows the love I have for my family and the love they have for me.

In other words, I see the magnificence in my family and I encourage you to look for the magnificence in those around you. If you don’t see magnificence in those around you, move around until you find it, then build a home!