• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

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Kick It Up a Notch, Be a Better Mother

kick your mama game up a notch


When you get motivated to kick your mama game up a notch, that is terrific.

Yesterday I worked hard all day, here is a small sampling of what I have done:

1. got the children up and out for school
2. got the husband up and out for work
3. laundry
4. dishes
5. helped the husband handle various business correspondences and negotiations
6. worked on my book
7. lunch for twins
8. dinner for five
9. helped with homework

I did these nine things while keeping active four-year-old twins entertained, occupied, and smiling.

Then I did the following:

10. attended a school meeting on improving the school for my son




I attended the meeting at the end of a long day when I was tired and just wanted to sleep. My children attend a wonderful elementary school, one of the best schools in the country. Whatever awards a school can earn for excellence: teacher quality, staff ratio, quality of lunch, quality of administration, the school wins, all the time, every time. This is the kind of school, no it is the actual school that people dream of their children attending. This meeting was headed by one of the school’s reading specialists, a third-grade teacher, the school principal, and one of the home and school association presidents. The meeting leaders called it a conversation, a continuing conversation and last night was not the end of the conversation, but a continuation of a continuing process. The parents in attendance talked about real things that the school, students, and parents can do to make the school better. It was such an amazing meeting. Everyone listened. Everyone participated. Everyone had good ideas.

It was really incredible. I came into the meeting not knowing what to expect. I left excited and looking forward to the next meeting. So many times we hear complaints about how teachers don’t care and the administration doesn’t help. At this school, after a long day, on a Monday evening, teachers, administrators, home and school and parents were together talking, making plans, getting comfortable with one another, and identifying real ways to improve our children’s lives. We talked about things that will help them not only in elementary school but in life. I even learned a few new problem-solving and writing tricks that are going to help me. I sprang them on my teenager when I got home from the meeting. I am requiring her to start using them effective last night. In short, the meeting left me excited and enthusiastic. I have been motivated to kick up my parent game a notch. Additionally, because of what I learned at the meeting, I have the tools to do the kicking!



P.S. If you get a minute send me an e-mail and ask me about RUPSL and CUPS. They may change your life! So, the question for you on this thrilling day is, what is your tip for being a better mother?



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