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#102217 Sunday the Week in Review

Sunday week in review

Some people find serenity one day per week by reviewing the news they have missed during the course of the week. If you are one of those people, this is the place for you!  Here are the things we covered on Janeane’s World this week.


Love Yourself and Your Family Will Be Happier

show yourself some loveYou can find serenity in learning to show yourself some love. I speak with many women on a daily basis.Women who do amazing and incredible things. They are bloggers, business owners, mothers, executives, teachers, marketers, librarians, just all kinds of women from all walks of life. They are so different in so many ways, yet at the same time, they have so much in common. One thing they all recognize is the need to start treating themselves as nicely as they treat others. Click here to read more. 



Get Your Plans Out of the China Closet – Take Action Now


get your dreams out of the china closetIt is magnificent to take action now and get your plans out of the china closet.
In almost every home with a wife and mother, there is a china closet full of good dishes and a linen closet full of good sheets and towels that no one is allowed to use. These things are sitting in storage waiting for mysterious someday, special occasion or company to come out of storage. When that special day comes then all the good stuff will be pulled out of storage and put to use. Click here to read more.



Plan in Advance – Don’t Procrastinate


don't procrastinate - plan in advanceIt is terrific to figure out how to act instead of procrastinating and as a result get things done is to prepare in advance. There are almost as many cures for procrastination as there are people procrastinating. One thing that may help you to procrastinate less is to prepare in advance for what needs to be done. Almost everyone has heard the expression,  “if you fail to plan,  you plan to fail.” Click here to read more. 


Have Some Pride – Get a Loving Attitude Toward Your Work


have some pride - do a good job at workIt is wonderful to develop a loving attitude toward your work and having some pride in what you do. In my opinion, a good place to work is anyplace that pays a fair wage for a fair amount of labor. Based upon that definition, there are good places to work in almost every industry and almost every person has the ability to work for a good employer. Your job and how it is viewed is determined by you. It is important to have a sense of pride about the work that you do in order to have the right mental attitude toward your work. Click here to read more. 



Copy What Works and Succeed in Business


copy what worksIt is thrilling to succeed in business by copying what works. As an entrepreneur, you must think about if you are being innovative or if you are needlessly inventing the wheel. When you are planning operations and when you are looking for ways to get things done, use the following as a guide to determine if you are unnecessarily reinventing the wheel or being innovative when it is needed:
• are current methods failing to yield good results in your business
• do you have adequate time and resources to devote to research and development
• do you plan to test your new ideas before putting them fully into operation in your business     Click here to read more. 


Satisfaction Comes from the Job and the Family


take a break and let your dreams come trueIt is fantastic to realize that satisfaction comes from things being good on the job and with the family.
Readers of a certain age will remember the movie Mahogany, starring Diana Ross and Billie Dee Williams. There was a great line in the movie where Billie Dee’s character told Diana Ross’ character that all her success at work meant nothing if she had no one at home with whom to share it. For me, having a loving, caring family at home to share my successes and accomplishments is more valuable than the accomplishments and successes.  Click here to read more.



Frederick Douglass’ My Bondage and My Freedom” A New Look at a Classic Book


Frederick Douglas It is sensational to improve your vocabulary by taking a new look at a classic like Frederic Douglass’ “My Bondage and My Freedom.” I first read My Bondage and My Freedom when I was a fourth-grade student who loved to read and read everything I  could lay my hands on. Years later as an adult I read it again and was impressed with the vocabulary. For those of you who do not know, Frederick Douglass was an African-American slave who obtained his freedom and became a major abolitionist who took on the cause of freeing all African-Americans from the horrors of slavery. Click here to read more. 








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In conclusion, some people find serenity one day per week by reviewing the news they have missed during the course of the week. Thank you for stopping by to visit with us. I hope your visit was a good one and that you will be back soon. Before you go, the question for you is, what was the best part of your week?

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